Updated pic of weird colored filly

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by Pepsea, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    Bred by member wildwood, juno is now 2yo
    Out of a brown mare, by pally stallion.

  2. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Shes a very dark palomino :)
  3. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    That's my thoughts, she looked chestnut when born
    She Deffinatly stands out!
  4. carol51

    carol51 Well-known Member

    hi hope you dont mind sent the pic on to breeder freind in texas he reckons she is sorrel with flaxen mane and tail
  5. milzenzab

    milzenzab Active Member

    Not a taffy?
  6. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    She doesn't have taffy in get lines, so nope!
  7. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    Yer that's fine,
    Her coat isn't the right colour for chestnut or pally lol but shes one or the other
  8. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    I know what you mean, the colours all weird and keeps changing too....I never had this girl colour tested i always thought she was chestnut but lady that bought her thinks she's pally ....she's now 3 and what i would call chesnut with flaxen mane n tail
    Sire - Chestnut Dam -buckskin



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  9. JSP

    JSP Well-known Member

    whatever colour she is it's beautiful - certainly does stand out!

    are you going to get her tested to be sure?

    my new gelding is a very similar colour to your girl - was born pale orange then turned the same colour as your filly. He's been tested and is chestnut, but he doesn't have a dilute parent (chestnut sire, bay dam)
  10. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    She might be chocolate palomino?? She's gorgeous regardless of what colour she is though :)
  11. Pintaloosa

    Pintaloosa Well-known Member

    Her tail looks too dark for her to be Palomino. I believe to be a Palomino, the mane and tail need to be a certain percentage white? Her tail looks dark to me, unless it's just dirty?
    All the same, she's a lovely looking girl! She has a very pretty head on her :)
  12. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    baha. My white-grey's tail looks like that at the moment :eek:

    ...and when it's clean you can't get any whiter so trust me, that tail could well be white!!
  13. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    Her tail is Deffinatly dirty! I will wash it sometime this week see how white it goes!

    And I will test her! Will do it this week! Deffinatly interested to see what she actually is!

    Deffinatly a huge difference to my pally gelding, if she does turn out to be pally!
  14. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

  15. wawa85

    wawa85 Guest

    What a gorgeous filly Pepsea! She is a lovely colour too, I would say a dark smutty paly.
  16. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    Juno's results came this morn, she's NOT a pally! Tested negative for cream! Bit surprised! Lol
  17. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    maybe shes silver...:)
  18. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    Well I'm tempted to test, even tho there is no known silver in her lines, her site is dollars pally boy and her Dam is a bay/brown
  19. taeliesyn

    taeliesyn Well-known Member

    I would test :)
  20. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    Test for what? Silver? She has been tested for cream I got results today, negative

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