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  1. Hot to Trot

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  2. dirtbug

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    oooh hope i can post this here???

    Avon Valley Adult Riding Club are Hosting a

    Official/Training Dressage day.
    (at toodyay racecourse)
    August 17th 2008.
    Closing date - August 8th

    For Tests and other Information please contact

    Liz 95741407


    Sandra 95744429

    (from memory im sure there is unofficial as well)
  3. dirtbug

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    Hot to Trot

    the york show is 6th sept.

    tis what me calender says :D so lets hope its right lmao
  4. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Does anyone know what shows (breed shows or hack shows) are on before the Arab States in November?
  5. Elanda

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    I have just got the Waroona Show programme...they have breed classes...with a free service to Champion Arabian Mare**)
  6. PINTO1980

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    Darling Range 21st Sept
    Waroona Ag 11th Oct
    Pinjarra 18th Oct
    4+ Show 26th Oct
  7. Tic Tac

    Tic Tac Well-known Member

    Anyone going to the Kellerberrin show on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Where is this 4+ show?
    Is it ridden as well as inhand?
  9. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Muchea.....and yep**) See Dilutes Aus website for programs:)
  10. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Oh great, I like Muchea shows:D

    Will you be there again Goodie?
    Maybe this time I will have a spare spot in the float and I'll be able to steal you cute palli:p :p :))
  11. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    probably...and will be watching my pony carefully;) May have an even cuter and littler "pally" at this one, have to see:)
  12. Larrikan

    Larrikan Well-known Member

    Awww! the 4+ show is the weekend of H.O.T.Y :(:(
  13. micheelgeorge

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    I wanted to let you know there will be a new tack auction in Millbury on River St Sat. evening - preview starts at 5:00 pm and the auction at 6:00. Great place to get alot of good stuff cheap cheap cheap. Brushes, fly spray, first aid, halters, leads, rain sheets, coolers, blankets, pads, saddles, bridles you name it they also have clothes and gift items.I usually always go its alot of fun Elina loves it. If you are in the market for anything I would definitiely go there first as you will not beat the prices.

  14. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    Brunswick Agricultural Show

    Brunswick Agricultural Society

    25 October 2008

    Horses in Action, Offical Horses and Ponies, Encouragement ring, Showjumping Arena including Have-a-go jumping arena. All entries on the day
    Program found here http://www.brunswickshow.com.au/_content/documents/schedule Ring Events .doc

    Horses: Halter, English Ridden and Stock Horse Ridden - entries close Wednesday, October 22, 2008
    Program found here http://www.brunswickshow.com.au/_content/documents/schedule section A Horses .doc
    Entry Form: http://www.brunswickshow.com.au/_content/documents/ENTRY FORM.doc
    :) :)
  15. up4thechase

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    18th October 2008 Pinjarra Breed show. Yay so looking forward to it. And the 11th October at Waroona
  16. wattle6180

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    Baldivis SJ

    Baldivis have added a great SJ day which follows up the Murray SJ Training Day. Very handy and timely! Hope it's as fun and diverseas Baldivis usually is.
  17. XCkid

    XCkid Active Member

    i only have a few events left of the year
    murray this weekend
    brigadoon ODE next
    and i think thats it
    then its time for the beach with the ponies
  18. cobber

    cobber New Member

    showing shetlands

    Hi, i would like to have a go at showing my shetland gelding, can anyone help with any pointers that i would need to know?
  19. norwest star

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    hey karen you got them pics of jacki's black n white filly didn't you?
  20. Rev Honey Monster

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    When is the next like hacking show coming up does anybody know?

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