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  1. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Riverside is on the 16 November, always a good show :)
  2. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    are there any other shows after riverside?? other than ag shows?:confused:
  3. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Gosnells on the 30th November:)*
  4. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    oh excellent- ill be doing gosnells on the 30th then ozzy park ag then riverside on the 14th of december! phew! then a break for xmas i think :)
  5. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Is Gosnells a breed show or hacking?
  6. Ren

    Ren Well-known Member

    Kaisi, Gosnells is a hack show :)
  7. trippa

    trippa Well-known Member

    is there unofficional or encouragment at this show?
  8. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    There is Official and Unofficial**)
  9. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Sounds good.
    Thanks Goodie :)
  10. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    The program has all the usual events for Off and Unoff....height, weight, ladies, hunter and rider.( I think there is pleasure in the Unoff, not sure:confused:) The grounds are looking great too**)
  11. trippa

    trippa Well-known Member

    thanks goodie we might go try our hand at hacking for a change.lol
  12. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    Ok, first one for the new year.



    Existing members can re-enrol from 5.30pm - 6.30pm.
    New members from 6.30pm - 7.30pm.
    Free Sausage Sizzle to welcome new and old members back to the club.


    if anyone wants an enrolment form prior to the evening you can PM me your email address and i will forward it to you.
  13. Katt13

    Katt13 Well-known Member

    Peel Metropolitan breakfast show...
    14th February - unoffical hacking. three rings pony,hack,leadline &firstridden:)

    15th Feb-s/jumping 30cm- 1m:)*
  14. Kyara

    Kyara Well-known Member

    Does anyone know when the first ODE for Wallangarra is??? Or any ODE's???
  15. Katt13

    Katt13 Well-known Member

    WALLANGARRA ODE I - SUNDAY 8 MARCH 2009 (Closing date for ODE I - Friday 27 February 2009)

    WALLANGARRA ODE II - SUNDAY 17 MAY 2009 (Closing date for ODE II - Friday 8 May 2009)

    WALLANGARRA ODE III - SUNDAY 25 OCTOBER 2009 (Closing date for ODE III - Friday 16 October 2009)

    hope this helps!!:)*
  16. abi

    abi Well-known Member

    any more breed shows in thenext few months ? particually interested in arab and mini classes:)*
  17. ginger802

    ginger802 New Member

    horse shows in peirce county, washington

    anyone in washington know of any horse shows coming up? or is anyone going to any shows at the tacoma unit? (peirce county,wa)
  18. janetk8504

    janetk8504 New Member

    pony club and gymkhanas

    hi does anyone have any details as to when the next bunbury gymkhanas and pony club starts up for 2009.i have a 9yr daughter who is eager to go to her first one thanks.
  19. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    Xc training day serpentine

    APRIL 4TH 2009
    ENQUIRES TO TRACY Lloyd - 0413945579
    SARA McCormick - 95252919
    1 XC Heights: 45cm; 65cm; 80cm;95cm. Riders may jump any height during the round but must jump between the flags and in number order.
    2 Riders must move onto the next jump or jump a lower height after 3 refusals.
    3 The course will run B,C,D,E . 2nd rounds will start at the completion of E grade in order B,C,D,E.
    4 $15 for first round; $10 for second round on same horse (Serpentine H & PC members may deduct $5) Maximum of 2 rounds per horse (2nd rounds to start after completion of all grades 1st rounds).
    5 Riders MUST be on time for their rounds, failure to do so will result in a forfeit of that round NO REFUND will be given if a rider is not on time.
    6 Pre entries with entry money by closing date 27th March. Entries will close when event full.
    7 Payment may be made by Cheque/Money Order payable to Serpentine Horse & Pony Club. Or by EFT to Serpentine Horse and Pony Club BSB 633000 A/C 133044396, surname and XC training must be used as the payment reference.
    8 A draw will be done and available on Ktrials - Home on Thursday 2nd April.
    9 All riders must have a gear check before their training round.
    10 PCAWA gear checking rules to apply (Pony Club uniform not required but must have long sleeves, medical armband, approved helmet and boots and no jewelry)
    11 Serpentine Horse & Pony Club members must provide a helper.
    12 No rider under 18 years may be left on the grounds without a parent or guardian.
    13 WITHDRAWALS: Competitors must notify the Secretary by close of entries to obtain a refund. After this date, a refund will only be given if a Vet’s or a Doctor’s Certificate is received by the Secretary within one week of the event. A $5.00 bookkeeping fee will apply
    14 Veterinarian only on call
    15 Course open for walking on Friday 3rd April from 2pm – 5pm and Saturday 4th April 7.00am – 9.00am. Canteen available during the day

    Neither the PCAWA or the Serpentine Horse & Pony Club or its organizing Committee accepts any liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.

    email sherreem@oceanbroadband.net for program and entry form.
  20. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    PH&PC Championship Hack Day

    Championship Hack Day

    Sunday 22nd March

    Entries Close - Monday 16th MARCH

    Lots of Prizes, Rugs & Garlands

    Official Hacking only

    (we will be holding a separate Unofficial Champ Day in May)

    Separate ring for Show Hunters

    Working Hunter classes

    Pony ring open to all ages

    Leading Rein & First Ridden

    Starts 8.30am

    Contact Jenine 9571 3700

    or Perth Horse and Pony Club

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