Unusual behaviour at dinner time!!

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Em, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    My warmblood mare has a habit that has me completely baffled. I was wondering if anyone out there could shed some light on the subject as to why she may do what she does, or even have a horse that does what she does!!

    Everytime I walk over to the stables (it may not even be dinner time) she walks into her stable and pees!! She sometimes even does it when I go to get her from out of the paddock. I am having real problems in her stable because in no time at all the bedding is saturated and the place reaks of amonia!! Whilst I am in the stables she may even go back to the same spot several times and pee until I feed her or put her out the paddock.

    Any ideas on this I would love to hear!!!

  2. blondie

    blondie New Member

    One of my agister's horses pee's a lot. She can't tie her up in the saddling up area because it makes a mess on the concrete so she ties her up on the dirt.
    I don't know if she does it in her stable or not because we have wiwo's and she is on part board and I don't muck out.
    I did notice her doing it out in the paddock the other day, but I think she was in season, so not quite the same!
    Thinking about it now, it would seem that they might have a kidney problem. I've had a kidney infection before and I couldn't stop peeing! Maybe she drinks a lot of water?
    We do have another pony here that is quite old (24) and she has cushings disease. She pisses all the time! In 2-3 days she will have flooded her stable, we used to move her into a different stable every few days (having 22 stables makes this easy!) but now we just leave her in a yard at night because things got a bit mushy!
    We have tried different mineral suppliments but these didn't work.
    Have you tried looking it up in a veterinary book?
  3. redbird

    redbird New Member

    Pending a clean bill of health from your vet, I would say that this is a behavioral thing rather than anyhting else. She could be marking territory, and defining what is her area. It may not help, but try moving a big pile of soaked bedding into the yard area, and see if she will pee there. Good luck!! redbird.
  4. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    Redbird - that is a good idea, shall have to give it a go. I definately think that it is a behavioural querk, would love to know though what is my horses underlying thought on this! If only they could talk. Mind you, if they could talk they would probably be shouting at us to treat them like horses!

  5. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    My sisters horse is like a big dog and gets all excited to see her.... and pee's when he gets excited. But your horse sounds like she is doing it to be territorial, though that is usually through testosterone.
    Mabey she has a hormonal imballance.

    Or it could be just that she is a warmblood, and they are weird. Anything seems to go with them. hehehe

    good luck

  6. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Maybe its just a habit the body is telling her. Like I used to read at night and then put the book down and go straight to bed. Now when I read a book anytime for about 10 min or more I get extremely tired and almost fall asleep. Or as my sis's cat goes to the toilet it has a habit of meowing twice. These are habits the body has told us and it could be whats happening to your horse? I dunno I'm just suggesting....good luck...


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