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    My horse was recently diagnosed with cushings disease around a month and a bit ago. He is on pergolide and his ACH level is back to normal, we have found out he often dislocates his soft pallet resulting in constant infections and could have caused the minor virus he has atm and to top it off he is a bit anaemic! He's 13yr stock horse but within the last 5 months he's become really puffy around the base of the ears, down and around his throat, under his chin, in between his ears and eyes and is puffy around the nostrils. He has had this for a while now and we have had numerous blood tests done and one of the vets had said lack of protein, which would have made sense. But he has been getting plenty for a good month now. I clipped him about a month ago and thats when the puffiness got really bad, his coat went all dead and he was almost black on his back and went down to chestnut on his belly ( when usually he is a reddish bay ). Normally he has a great coat with feeding up or not. Tonight he had very noisy gut sounds, he didn't have diarrhoea. But turned around and swished his tail every time i touched his side (he has been drenched). He was sweating but temp was a normal 37.6. has anyone had a horse that has any of these symptoms or problems, do they all connect? Has anyone seen the weird change in coat colour or texture(very dead)? Im am puzzled!
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    Cushings can cause a whole load of symptoms, I think I would get him checked again by your vet just to be on the safe side. I believe it can take 6-8 weeks to see differences a dietary change makes. Good luck & keep us informed on how he goes!

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