unofficial summer spectacular at wallangarra pony club

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by bronte, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Jadelise

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    Few photos because im bored

    Champ senior rider

    Champ Pony
  2. KRH

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    Thanks to the Wallangarra Pony Club for a well organised event.I am soooo glad I got there early and got a great park under a nice big gum tree. Twenty minutes later , the ground was FULL - HUGE attendance and many beautiful horses and ponies, all immaculately turned out .Brumby worked a treat for his first 2012 show and we were rewarded with Champion Galloway :).Congratulations to Teisha Giddings on 'Rosedale Easter Parade' on a well deserved Reserve Champion Galloway **).It was lovely to meet Bec and her sweet Bevanlee Galloway . KPH , your galloway is lovely and did really well for her first time out. Thanks once again to Alison and Louise for a great day - and the best of luck to Louise and 'Impello' for the up-coming Grand Nationals.**) The Krispy Cremes were sensational **)**)- by the time I got home there were a FEW left for the rest of the family ;)!!!! I had to walk an extra 2 kilometeres this morning to burn them off !
  3. KPH

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    Thanks :) was nice meeting you and your pony, he did great!
  4. SexyRitzy

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    I got a pic a friend took :)

    Congrats to everyone. Was a enjoyable day :)
  5. bronte

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    *****thank you******

    just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to our wonderful competitors this weekend, everyone looked amazing:))
    The show was a great sucess
    I would also like to say that a show of that size does not run smoothly without the significant help of both the sponsors and helpers
    So we need to acknowledge the support of the following people

    our dedicated judges
    Linda Brenzi
    Kim Mclean
    Lisa Williams

    our excellent pencillers
    Sophie Williams
    Hannah Sharman
    Donna Croonen
    Leanne Cahill

    the children, husbands and mostly grandparents of both families for running the canteen

    our lovely sponsors

    Dyson Jones pty
    Bakers delight chester - dunn family
    Possingham Family
    Perth rider magazine
    Oakford Stockfeeds
    Wallangarra Pony club
    Rain tech
    Kentucky Equine
    Legends Horsewear

    Lastly Perth rider have said they will run an article on the show with some pictures so watch out for it !!

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