unofficial summer spectacular at wallangarra pony club

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by bronte, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    think i might have to go for a look just to get a krispy kreme!!!!! :eek::eek:
  2. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    I'm not plaiting the mini mare we are taking. Her mane has been pulled to look neat and she will be bathed, hooves blackend and a tiny bit of show sheen spray :)
  3. jadebrook

    jadebrook New Member

    Hi i will be there with my horse mad nearly four year old daughter, we will be plaiting her little welshie. She is counting the nights down and already has her stuff packed in the car
  4. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Ha ha Jadebrook, sounds like my daughter :) Her first ever show. So exciting.
  5. Mizzi

    Mizzi New Member

    i be there with me shetland and standbred. im plaiting the standbred. but i dont should i plait or not to plait the shetland? any ideas
  6. jadebrook

    jadebrook New Member

    Hi Mizzi, when we used to take Kara out to do leading rein we never plaited her, hope that helps
  7. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Come and hang with me!!! :)
  8. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Well pony was washed earlier and rugged up and put in a yard, hope she will still be clean (and dry) in the morning. Hay net is full and in the float. Gear is all cleaned, put together and in the car. And the little 3 year old rider is fast asleep in bed :)
  9. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    Soooo many horses.

    Was a great day though.

    How did everyone go??

    This is my doggy sporting my winnings :))

  10. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    Well done on your rug and rossettes

    what were the numbers like?:D
  11. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    HUGE numbers!
  12. jadebrook

    jadebrook New Member

    Had a fantastic day with my gorgeous girls. My soon to be 4yr old daughter and her precious Bella went Champion Leading Rein at there second show together. Turnout was fantastic and all the ponies and littlies were just beautiful:)
  13. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    I had a good day. Didn't come home with any ribbons but we have survived the group canter!! The first one was a bit hairy but by the last one we did I got a nice relaxed canter. TJ floated beautifully and was happy to be tied up on his own. Very happy with our first outing in a year. :)
  14. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    The leadliners were so cute!

    They looked like they were having a great time too!

    Any results for the galloways and hacks?
  15. KPH

    KPH Active Member

    Fiona Morgan & Kyalandee royal heights (think thats the one?) got champ galloway
    Reserve went to a nice little chestnut

    Not sure about the hacks :)
  16. KPH

    KPH Active Member

    took my galloway for her first ridden outing :) excuse the jodhpurs riding up, forgot gaiters and lost the clips within 5 minutes.. not a good look ;)
  17. daisy1

    daisy1 New Member

    oh my gosh !! I pencilled in the lead rein/ first ridden classes and have NEVER seen soooo many leadreiners !!! I think we counted 18 ??? judge definately had her work cut out for her , was a very enjoyable day **)
  18. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    My daughter had her first show experience and enjoyed it. She got a 4th in one of the leadline classes. HUGE class numbers, yes, there were 18 out there! We were abit like a fish out of water with a chubby hairy paddock pony in amongst all those flashy show ponies :) but we had a nice day and I couldn't fault our little pony. She looked after her 3 year old jockey as though she had done it her whole life. My daughter was asleep in the car not long after leaving the show grounds, wore her out LOL.
  19. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member

    OMG what an epic day, I rocked up about 9.30 as I just wanted to do the show hunter thinking it would start about 11. FAIL! the classes were MASSIVE! I have never seen classes like that at a show that wasn't a major title show and such lovely presentation on every horse I saw. I think there were like 27 in the 17years and over smartest on parade?

    So I watched my friend in the pony ring on her gorgeous girl for a while which was still fun.

    But my poor boy..4.5 hours wait tied to the float (such a good boy) and a couple of buckets of molassess water and all the food i had in the float we were on. My normally angelic horse was not himself, I put leg on once in the ring and he did these wierd sort of cat leap things!

    2 classes in (came 3rd in the first one which was great I thought....I'll take him back to the float and hop off, calm him down and see how he goes. As soon as my feet touched the ground he had the BIGGEST WEE EVER poor boy was BUSTING to go to the loo and won't go while I'm on him or usually in public. LOL, so he was great in the last class but it was all too late to redeem ourselves. But two thirds was pretty good considering he was probably REALLY uncomfortable

    Oh well! next time!! I feel bad for telling him off now :-(
    (I bribed him with lots of treats when we got home so he will still love me)
  20. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member

    oh and I got to hang out with the CUTEST little houdini shetland pony for a bit.
    I think he just wanted some company and seemed quite content with cuddles.

    AND! from my 1 raffle ticket I won a bucket of minerals.

    But a super day run by the organisers. I certainly hope it was all enough for the big trip to the nationals!!!

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