Unofficial Hacking and Double Bridles

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Northern Peregrine, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    beginner rider official beginner rider unofficial

    whats really the differance. if the horse moves well for the rider it would do well in either.

    if the beginner rider couldnt ride well enough to get the horse moving nicely then they still wouldnt do well in unofficial. only one class is based on rider anyway.

    just because riders are unofficial doesnt mean they cant ride. the compition is still there and bitching as well haha dont think the people involved knew i knew the girl they were bitching about.

    when i get my official horse i will go official and until then im unofficial. doesnt make me any less of a rider or competitor
  2. little_welsh

    little_welsh Well-known Member

    But What if the horse moves well but the new owners cant prepare it to the same standard and cant afford to pay someone to do it and also cant afford the same gear.
    Would the rider turn up to the official ring on a pony that moved well and used to be offical. But was wearing a pink saddle blanket and was ridden in a kincade bridle and had a wintec 500 on with golfball plaits and a cheapo horseland hacking jacket. Im sorry but they would indeed be laughed out of the ring. unlike unofficial.
  3. MPKG

    MPKG Active Member

    I completely agree.

    If a royal show champion was purchased by someone and downgraded, I guarantee Little Welsh would think it was unfair to be expected to compete against it.
  4. MPKG

    MPKG Active Member

    If they have the money to buy an official horse then this clearly is NOT the case.
  5. little_welsh

    little_welsh Well-known Member

    I wouldn't care, if they had their reasons then they had their reasons. horse riding isnt about ribbons its about having fun.
  6. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    I dunno.
    After you've come up against and you're again made to 'feel inferior' yet again, you'll soon change your mind.

    IMO, and remember this is only MY opinion, if you purposely go out and buy an official horse, then you should continue to campaign it in official classes.
  7. little_welsh

    little_welsh Well-known Member

    It could be, what if they took out a loan to buy their kid a nice pony. What if they bought it and then lost their job. Theres many reasons why people run out of money. They could just be inexpericenced and have absolutely no idea how things work either.
  8. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    theres nothing wrong with a well oiled kincade bridle
    dont buy a pink saddle mat a white ones probably cheaper anyway or try second hand easy done.
    saddle wise buy second hand i have a decent saddle for $75 second hand.

    practice practice practice with the turnout and get better.

    if the jacket fits well whats the problem?

    to me it sounds like you think unofficial hacking doesnt require a decent level of turnout. yes many riders do ride in wintec 500s etc but there are MANY that present to an almost official standard.

    i hog my mare (not so good for official) but shes neat and tidy and clean and well presented.
    she wears a $75 saddle and a $50 half numnah
    she has her tail plaited and nice $50 browband and a $70 well cared for bridle.

    so id like to think i am well presented in the unofficial hack ring and i do believe the same level of presentation should be attempted to be acheived and worked on.

    apart from my jacket needing to be taken in a bit what looks laughable in the official ring?

  9. little_welsh

    little_welsh Well-known Member

    I have competed against horses who dont look like they should be there. But I dont say anything or get annoyed because everyone has their reasons and I dont have the right to make judgements about horses being there unless I know the full story.
  10. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    ahh now kiddies are a slightly different kettle of fish but then again whats wrong with little kids riding official ponies in official classes?

    once again only one class is judged on the rider
  11. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    You know the only think I see wrong with your turn out Chick, is your hair. Would prefer to see it in a bun with a $1.00 hair net. Yes your jacket could use a slight bit of tailoring, but nothing you couldnt get away with even in official.

    Oh and your number is crooked LOL :p
  12. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    hehe yer had a wardrobe malfunction on that day my hairnet snapped and my spare one had magically run away from me. lol the number didnt even realise until the photos.

    must rember to buy more than 2 hairnets

    thanks for the lovely comment about my turnout.

    no overlly expensive gear in that pic. $75 was the most expensive item on us that day.
  13. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    MPKG (or anyone else), do you know what the criteria for down grading a horse or pony is ?
    I'm interested to know how it's decided.
    Surely not just anyone with enough money in their pocket to purchase a quality animal like that, can then go and get it downgraded to suit whatever agenda they may have :confused:
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  14. PSO your rule book seems to be different to mine as there is nothing saying that. As per the EWA missive last year when it was announced official horses could also do associate tests on the same day, it was clearly stated that clubs running associate tests may choose to ask official riders to compete HC.

    Any yes, associate and unofficial are different, but official riders should still be HC in both IMHO. Training days on the other hand are open slather.
  15. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    As far as Im aware and I enquired about it when we bought our official horse, that its on a case by case basis and that really will only be looked at for riders who have never competed official but have just purchased an official horse. Its really aimed at young riders not adults.

    In my conversation with EFA, I asked what the huge difference between official and unofficial was and the reply was quality, not turn out, not money, not rider ability, not horse's education.

    Decision was made to not downgrade him. If my daughter has to see someone else ride him in official and miss out, then so be it. She is 15 and far to old to be left to stay in her comfort zone, and that is what unofficial is to her, a comfort zone.
  16. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Thanks QSS.
  17. little_welsh

    little_welsh Well-known Member

    This whole official/unoffical b*$%hit is what made me stop riding for a year beacuse everyone thinks they are right and everyone thinks they know best.
  18. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    I agree, just because we are in the unofficial ring is no excuse for not turning your horse out to the best of your ablity.

    this is my turn out at my last show. I am in the walk/trot ring.

    That is a "cheap" jacket from dublin, that is a $30 bridle, the numnar (sp) was $50

    On the doulbe bridle thing - I don't care but I do think that in the W/T ring there should be no doubles
  19. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    kiwi girl i think you and your horse look lovely and please dont take this the wrong way but you horse looks that teeny bit more to the unofficial side of things. id love to compete against you sometime would be nice to compete against a grey.

    normally im against bays, chestnuts, blacks, pintos and even a palomino haha think only once or twice have i competed directly against a grey.
  20. MPKG

    MPKG Active Member

    This is an awfully big hypothetical now, what if we get invaded by aliens and they take over, there will be no more horse riding so no one will have to worry about this.

    When you buy an official horse/pony you should know exactly what you are getting in to, and if you don't then there is nothing wrong with starting out in official and learning, that is what I did about 6 - 7 years ago, I bought an educated older established horse and I started in the official, I didn't look that great but I learnt, everyone helped me learn everything from putting makeup on to what gear to wear. Now I help others that are new to the scene.

    Might I add all of my horses go out in top quality gear but it doesn't have to be that expensive, if you are a smart shopper and you do your homework you can get good quality second hand gear for quite a reasonable price.

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