unknown foot lameness??!!! HELP!

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Universal_ottb, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Universal_ottb

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    My Horse came lame in one front leg a week ago, it was sudden and no explanation, no heat, swelling or obvious signs. i had his body/joins checked and he was gave the all clear so this lead too me knowing he was foot sore. he has very deep colataral grooves and hot feet around coronary band.
    All 4 hooves are giving me the same signs... and are all warm and deep... but he is only lame in 1?
    feet have no obvious smells, maybe a little odour but same in all 4 week.
    some days he is looking less lame than others, im suspecting stone bruise or abcess? has anyone had anything like this befor? thankyou.
  2. MrPumpkin02

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    It's sometimes so hard to tell what's wrong, there are so many things that can not be balanced and he can't tell you what's wrong! My horse had a similar problem when I first got him. he was on the tubby side so we put him in the diet paddock, short green clover and grass but not too much to pick at. Within a period of about 2 months his feet had begun to crumble and he got really deep groves in his hooves. He became progressively lame but no vet could tell me why. He also became very spooky. Thinking it must be a diet related thing I asked his old owner what he was on. He had been in a field with tall dry mature grass nothing else, completely different to my turnout. I made the descision to take him off grass completely and give him constant grassy hay. He improved so rapidly that in the next few weeks we were trotting up and down on the road something he would have been very ouchy about before. Just wanted to share my experience, every horse is different but sometimes it's good to look deeper at underlying causes like diet, sometimes more natural is better.

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