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    [imgleft]http://www.stockyard.net/images/ultimate_comp.jpg[/imgleft]We would like to welcome Ultimate Equine as an advertiser on Stockyard.

    Ultimate Equine are experienced, professional horse people who understand your passion. Their services include rider coaching, biomechanics / position assessments, weightloss & conditioning, personal development programs using their special horses, fencing, reticulation & all your other property needs.

    Website: Ultimate Equine
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    Ultimate Rider Weight Loss Workshop

    Do you want/need to lose weight? Is your lack of fitness, strength, flexibility having a negative impact on your riding? On your horse? Do you have dreams of losing weight but have tried everything? Are you tired of being the way you are.....are you serious...I mean really serious about changing?

    We are holding a "Weight loss Workshop" for a very limited number of riders on March 24th.

    For more information phone Robyn 0422808776. :)
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    Ultimate Rider Clinic

    We are holding a Rider Clinic on the 14th of April - numbers are very limited.

    Take your riding to the next level with the ultimate in rider coaching designed for riders at all levels & all disciplines. Sports Science & biomechanics principles are used to analyze your position & to make corrections often missed by regular instructors. Next we apply these principles to your horse to ensure you are both working together in harmony. Once your position is refined you will be a more confident & effective rider giving clear aids & working as one with your horse.

    For more information phone Robyn on 0422808776 :)

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