Two words! (word game)

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by JustJam, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    I was just browsing another forum - a fish forum actually! Yep, there's a forum for fish!! :lol:

    Anyhoo, they had started a word game back in 2005 and it was still going strong! Impressive! And some of it was jolly funny! **)

    So, being that most of us are Stockie Addicts, I figured we could have a go :D

    Rules are simple: It starts with two words, the next person uses the last word and posts two more words - and so on. No cheating by putting a word in the middle! :p

    As an example:

    Shoe shop

    Shop closed!

    Closed gate

    I'm sure you get the idea, so to kick it off...

    It's raining!

    EDIT: If two or more people post a reply to the same thing, all posts stay but the the last post is the one used :)
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  2. Fat Tiger

    Fat Tiger Active Member

    I like it!

    Raining men!
  3. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    WTF, 'Men' is difficult!

    Men do.
  4. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Men do what????? nothing :lol:

    Do nothing
  5. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    lol Noelle!

    Nothing prepared! ';'
  6. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    Prepared Pavlova
  7. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Pavlova delicious
  8. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Delicious chocolate!
  9. cleo

    cleo Well-known Member

    chocolate addiction
  10. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    Addiction Psychology
  11. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Psychology Student
  12. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Student discount
  13. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Discount goods
  14. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    Goods sold

    :) this is going to be fun!
  15. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Sold soul

  16. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    soul sister
  17. capnjack

    capnjack Well-known Member

    sister act
  18. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Act up ........
  19. Rosinante

    Rosinante Active Member

    First thought ... Up yours :eek:


    Up away!
  20. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Away team


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