Two more Qld horses contract Hendra

Discussion in 'News Items' started by dirtbug, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    remember that the horses can only catch it if they get to touch.
    it is not transmited through they air like EI.
    so the horse could be quiet easily be kept anywhere, where there was a 3 meter boundry fence.
    also, more food for thought, DOES it transmit from horse to horse??
    remember, there was 37 horses at the vets, and none can touch each other, so did the horses that contracted the hendra virus, get it straight from the ugly bat vomit?
    that is more likely how they got it, then being transmitted from horse to horse.
    one vet had facilities to take on the now dead horse, and was wishing to do more examinations with him, which the committee agreed to, but big dikhead ron, over rode that decision and got low life anna to agree with him.
  2. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Hi Smash!

    According to that report I downloaded (that mysteriously won't for you) they say the timeline suggests horse No.1 was the likely source of infection for horses No. 2 to 4 while at the vets. They were housed in the clinic area and/or frequently brought into same areas. Horse No.5 was in the stall adjoining No.4 at time No. 4 fell ill.(Note: this is the optimists No.1 - not the first of the "lost horses")

    So yes - they think it does transmit horse - to horse. But they don't want to think it transmits human to human...lets hope it doesn't!!!!

    You might want to put a marshmallow pack on the desk - before your head dives again!!!
  3. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    LOL trojane
    marshmellow butt here LOL
    if we put out thinking caps on here (you know the ones that let us think for ourselves) he he he
    now they know this virus is passed from ugly bat gook to the horse. in all reality, there is no "proof" that it is passed from horse to horse, as the horses could of quiet easily picked up the ugly bat gook and got the virus, and in all reality, so could the humans.
    if it really could be transmitted from horse to horse, why did 30 other horses at the vets clinic did not contract the virus, and why did only two humans contract it, while there where 10 others who were working on the horse (opperation) who did not get it??
    the horse could of caught it straight off the bats indervidually, and so could of the staff.
    we only have the DPI to say this is the senerio, as they really have no idea.
    they actually have no "proof" (scientifically) that the horses pass it onto each other or pass it onto humans, as in ALL CASES so far, all the humans and horses could have come into direct contact with ugly bat gook.
  4. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    "ugly bat gook"?Hehehe!!!

    Well going on the report by the Illuminati (thanks SomeoneElse) from their Bat cave (thanks Jodles)....

    DPI's Horse No.1 was a longterm resident of the vet clinic and housed in yards beneath filthy ugly bat gook (thanks Smash).

    The others presumably were from nice bat-free zones...but how do we know???
  5. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    ok, so it would be safe to say that the long term resident ate ugly bat gook at the vets.
    now, since ALL the other horses came to the vets with unrelated problems, but somehow caught the virus at the vets, the question is
    1) did the catch it from being put into contaminated areas (where the previous horse died)
    2) picked up the same ugly bat gook from the ground??
    this is the problem tojane, their is no scientific "proof" of how it is being transfered. all infected horses and people were in contact with an area (not nessasarily (sp?) a horse.
    it is just a theroy so far on how it is transmitted.
    now if that horse was allowed to live, and be put into another enviroment, and it was able to transmit the virus to another horse or human, you could then say "the horse is transmitting the virus"
    now in ALL CASES over the year, all horses and humans had acsess to one area
    example = redland vets = vic rails stable complex = the property up north and so on and so on.
    there has NEVER been an example of say you go pat infected horse at a show and find out you have hendra virus.
    every human that has caught this virus, ALSO came into contact with the affected AREA.
    can you understand what i am saying?
    there is NO PROOF that the human got infected via a horse.
  6. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    I (think) I see what you're saying Smash - I guess we don't have proof unless we know exactly where the horses moved within the vets, definite incubation times etc. They say swabs taken of the horse stalls at the vets were positive for the virus. But - well bats are swarming all over aren't they???

    I wonder how many cases of recovered seropositives there could be out in the community - better keep their heads down if they don't want to be bumped off!!!!

    In the will you avoid ugly bat gook? We in WA are fine...but you peoples????:(
  7. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    yes, swabs were taken from the horse stall, and were positive to ugly bat gook. but it is still unclear how the ugly bat gook is transmitted to the horse.
    does the horse have to touch it (very unlikely)
    does the horse has to get it in its blood stream??
    does the horse get it through saliva or nasel discharge ?
    all these questions are uknown.
    since they have no idea exactly how the virus is transmitted to the horse, how can they be sure how the horse is able to transmit it to humans.
    even with vic rail, he had 14 horses die of it, and yet all the vets and all that tried to save the horse, never became infected. (only vic and one of his staff) who did stuff in the yards as such with the horses.
    every one else who handled or did stuff with those horses, just handled the horses directly (did not do anything in the yards).
    i would say trojane, there have been many many other cases that went undiagnosed, so have never been reported.
    i dont think the horse transmits it to humans, but more, the human cantracts the virus, the same way as the horses.
    but we will never know for sure, as they are about to kill the second suviving horse tomorrow.
    so there goes any information to prove anyones theroy.
    god government departs are a waste of space.
    we have good resourses in australia, but we will just never use them. god just imagine if they stumbled across a cure, what would the DPI and such do then, they would have to try and cover up more bullshyt i suppose
    ahhh queensland sucks, BIG TIME
  8. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Hi there Smash. I didn't realise there was another poor horse with its head on the block - bad news! If it all gets too much you can always escape Batland for the west (we'd love to have you here!!) but better warn you - WA has a PDI too. Only ours isn't into cover ups, it's into quite the opposite. Old news now, but in case you missed it: DPI boss enjoys MacTiernan?s support despite scandal :
  9. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    LOL trojane,
    we have had quite a bit to do with the WA DPI, and in all dealings, they have been fantastic.
    we transport feed over there, so have to follow WA DPI quarrintine prodicol.
    they basically have held my hand and walk me through the whole procedure, returned EVERY email or phone call. basically they have just been great.

    but the DPI over here are unbelievable, they did not even know that our feed had to be irradiated, actually they did not even know there was a special plant that had been built in Qld (thank good WA DPI did) LOL.
    then we find out that the Qld DPI have to go there and do there training at this plant, and the funny thing is, you can ring the DPI and ask for "steritechs No." and they will swear black and blue that they have never heard of it, and insist we send the feed to SA to be irratiated LOL LOL
    dikwads LOL LOL LOL
    oh, there is now shyte hitting the fan over here regarding this vets hygene practices or lack of it, boy, the DPI are running for cover and blaming this, that and the other, the vet is diving for cover, hell everyone is trying to blame someone else LOL LOL and those ugly little gook spewing ugly bats are the only ones with out a care in the world LOL everyone has forgotten to blame them LOL i say grab em and do some bloody tests and more research into those ugly little suckers LOL
  10. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Hehehe Smash - our DPI is "Department of Planning and Infrastructure" and posts out nasty speeding fines etc (not to me of course!!:D ) so may not be the folk you deal with. Quarantine WA within the Department of Agriculture does the job here of your DPI.

    Just thought it kind of amusing yours seems to be hiding info whilst ours is in trouble for selling confidential info illegally!!

    And yes - bring on more bat research. After all they are the prime suspects!
  11. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Oh I should add !!!APPLAUSE!!! for this department for giving you a great service. :))
  12. SomeoneElse

    SomeoneElse Active Member

    So it seems the final results are in for the vet staff, and they're clear of the virus.

    But now the vet who put the suspect horse down is being monitored because she injured herself with the needle. Divine justice, or pure coincidence?

  13. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    as much as i would love to say divine justice, she was only doing her job.
    i think i would be too worried over the herdra virus LOL but i would most definately be worried that "she just gave the horse a green dream injection" so i would be more worried about what was in the syringe than anythink else LOL
    glad to her she is ok though, she had a job to do, that she most likely did not volinteer for.
  14. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Hi Smash & SomeoneElse!!! Trouble is she may not be okay. Could still be a while before they can know - first tests sometimes come back negative. Lucky for her she's not a horse anyway.
  15. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    you are so right there kiddo
  16. Mod 1

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  17. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    SNAP Mod 1 - I just posted a thread about this
    Very tragic
  18. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Very sad and a horrible way to die.

    The Australian paper from 19th Aug speaks of concerns about vet practice infection control:

    "Australia's acting chief veterinary surgeon, Reg Butler, yesterday said it was a "new concept" for horse vets to protect themselves from infection because they had never needed to worry about horse diseases infecting them. "We need to improve and learn from recent experiences," he said.

    Dr Butler said Australia did not have written guidelines for veterinary standards as "that's the sort of stuff you get training in at university; there would be course notes"."

  19. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    the Mckay husband and wife vet team, that worked on there own hendra virus infected horse (which the husband later died from) re-wrote the guideline rules that were needed to be put into place for these types of things, and it was "supose" to be put into place (which it was) but no one has actually bothered to follow this.
    it is just so sad that ben lost his life, i dont even want to imagine how those around him are feeling at this time.
    i am not going to say much more, as this whole thing is just as disgusting as the EI cover up, with just lies and deceit from ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.
  20. SomeoneElse

    SomeoneElse Active Member

    So when they said the vet staff were in the clear what did they really mean??????

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