TUTORIAL: How to get a picture (avatar) under your name

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    Firstly, let me begin by clearing up one main point. An avatar is NOT a profile picture. AVATARS are the small photos displayed under your name each time you make a post/reply in the forum. PROFILE PICTURES are only displayed in your user profile and WILL NOT show up on each post you make.

    For the purpose of this tutorial we are talking about AVATARS.

    IF you already have a 100 x 100 pixel, appropriately sized image on your computer that you wish to use for your avatar, skip ahead to to Step 8. If you have a lovely photo from a digital camera or that has been scanned that you want to use but it is way too big, start here at step 1.

    1. Locate the photo you want to use on your computer. (I use Windows and keep mine in Pictures for reference.)

    2. Go to www.shrinkpictures.com (it's safe, don't worry, I use it often)

    3. In the red menu on the left hand side of Shrink Pictures click on CREATE AVATAR.


    4. In the box where it says Create Avatar you need to choose your photo by browsing for it on your computer.

    5. After choosing your photo set the avatar size to 100 and then click resize.


    6. Shrink Pictures will then generate 3 avatars based on your original photo.

    7. RIGHT CLICK on the avatar you want to save it to your computer.


    Now you are ready to put that avatar on stockies!!

    8. With your avatar ready to go, load up stockies and log in. In the red menu bar at the top of the page you will find the 'USER CP'. Click on this.


    9. In the Control Panel down the side is a menu. Under Settings and Options you need to click on Edit Avatar.


    10. Select the part which says 'Use Custom Avatar'.
    12. Where it says Option 2 - Upload Image from your Computer hit browse and find the avatar you saved from Shrink Pictures.
    13. Finally, hit Save Changes and you're done!


    Whallaah!!! You now have an avatar that will appear on all of your posts!

    As a warning, don't try and use the url that shrink pictures generates to pop into stockies - shrink pictures will delete it after a few hours and you wont have an avatar anymore. Upload it to stockies the way I mentioned and it will stay for as long as stockies does :)*

    If you need any more help, reply here and I'll do my best to help you out. Happy avatar making!

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