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  1. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    I would prefer to have competition - regardless of what type of show it is :)) How is my girl's Champion from the weekend worth more than someones from BnB who had to actually beat other horses?

    "A" class is unimportant to me :) I do love the judges at the Arab shows though :)*

    Cost at the end of the day is also relatively immaterial to me - the entry fee is usually the cheapest part LOL. And stables definitely makes it easier to have multiple horses :)

    How can we increase numbers though? Without entering lots of horses yourself :p (Have tried that twice - both times Raven was scratched due to injury!)
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  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Yes but my question was REGARDLESS of numbers, wether your alone or not. Do you prefer your horse to have an A class title under their belt or a breed show.
    But you did answer that too! :D
  3. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Um, a title means nothing unless you have to beat something for it :p So it is not a question you can answer regardless of numbers :)
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Now your twisting things Mirawee.
    Just a simple question I was interested in hearing answers. That is all.
  5. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    How am I twisting thing? You asked for opinions and I gave you mine ';' Some people may consider it a title if you don't have competition but I personally don't. How often have you seen a horse refused an award by anything other than an International judge? The joy of Internationals is you know they won't hand out the ribbon if they really don't believe the horse is worthy **)
  6. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Sorry Mirawee. I'll leave it at that :). I probably shouldn't of asked anyway! Its a results thread after all! :D
  7. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member

    Arnie - to answer your question as it was asked, I would rather have A class wins than breed show wins. Or in other breeds (that don't have A class etc), I'd rather win at a State show than at a breed show. :)

    Of course it would be nice to have huge numbers at a higher level ie A class show, but obviously that didn't happen this weekend. However if you were to sell the horse on, and using Mirawee's horse as an example - which would you rather have to list in your ad? "Won class and champion (sorry I don't know what you won!) Anglo at A class show" or "Won class and champion at pony club breed show"?????

    Also - any judge at any level can and will refuse to award you if you're not up to standard. It's happened at the Royal, and I'm sure it's happened at these big breed shows with low numbers!
  8. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    I have to agree Mirawee, and as to increasing numbers I think the show needs a good over hall, some effort put in. Ribbon on the walls, not just a few pot plants in the centre of the ring, music pumping. An atmosphere needs to be created that you get at no other show. Door prizes, raffles. The visual picture of the overall centre sets the mood for an "A: class show and will WOW people and get them back.
    And they need to really stop putting SOOO many shows on the same weekend, there are too many weekends free and they all use the same weekend. I don't attend arab shows anymore because of the belief why show your horse if its conformation isn't close to 100%. :( So that has lost one entry. I wonder how many other ammature show people who picked the numbers up don't go anymore because of comments made on here :( and around the horsey scene.';'
    That is just my opinion, and I believe it has some merit.
  9. beks

    beks Well-known Member

    Yes Mirrawee I agree, you dont know numbers until the day, which is a shame, had it happen to us last year, should have stayed home and asked them to send the ribbon haha.
    What I meant was you know up front you are only entering 1 class ect, a lot of prep involved.

  10. spok

    spok New Member

    Can I put my two bobs worth in on this. I've been showing for over 20 years now and I believe if you've put in the work, prep, travel etc, if your the only one there it's everyone else's loss, not yours & take the reward for all the hard work**)
  11. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    I guess if you were selling on a purebred it would make a difference. I don't think many people would care what/if a deriv has won at a breed show, especially in my case, a gelding';' I had VERY good competition at the B & B show**)
  12. spok

    spok New Member

    Well stated Erilyn! It's easy when your sitting on the other side of the fence. Was a committee member myself for a while, back in the day, and had a hand in on a few shows. I guess you just can't please everyone:(
  13. Chillin Out

    Chillin Out New Member

    Too right you are Spok, if you got off your butt and did the hard yards then you deserve the award, but at the end of the day the judge doesn't have to award the horse with anything if they don't think it is worthy, and yes I would rather an A Class award over a breed show.
  14. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    If you were promoting a stud/stallion or horse for sale you would want to be able to say "State Champion" rather than "Champion at such & such breed show" whether you were the only one in either circumstance or not... however in other circumstances when you are not promoting a product and just want the satisfaction of doing well, I would rather say "I won champ at such & such show against such & such many horses" than "I won state champ with no competition".... so I guess you can say I see both sides :p

    I remember years ago the stands would be packed at almost every 'A' class show, not to mention the NOS (which has been scrapped :() used to have to get there early and save yourself some seats otherwise you would have to sit on steps to watch... where have all the spectators gone?? #(
  15. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    First up, let me stress I do not blame the committee for the lack of entries. Well not unless they have a junior Anglo sitting in their paddock they could have taken :p

    Taylor, I wouldn't use a win where my horse doesn't beat another one in any advertising. Maybe I am strange LOL. But luckily enough she has picked up a Champion sash at each of the WAAHA shows she has been to anyway and this is the only one she hasn't at least had a run off for Champion :p

    Maree4, if everyone left their horse at home because it wasn't 100% correct then no-one would enter. So sorry that is no excuse and I expect to see you and Winnie at the States :)* He certainly doesn't look out of place at the WAAHA shows :)
  16. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Absolutly agree with this **):))
  17. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Thank you Mirawee, that means an awful lot, :)) I honestly believed he just didn't cut it now for the A grade :) and the more I have learnt the more I have picked his little faults, 4 yrs ago ignorance was bliss:p
  18. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    I have to agree with this... if we can go to another show- cheaper, & do more classes its worth the drive for us.. lol after saying that, we didnt compete at BB either because we where going up to to this show to watch babies we breed. **)
    Why we didnt compete- every spare dollar we have, is going on horse feed /seeding paddocks at the moment, until this drought brakes we wont be showing at any shows.

    Low numbers has nothing to do with the comittee- BUT they need to work out ways to attract more competitors to these shows-{ like everyone these days who organizes a show/event}.

    I'm looking forward to the Fun Day @ Perth, no extra prep needed.

  19. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    I'd like to say thanks to the waaha committee for a great & enjoyable show! I had a great time with my boy... Have to say huge congrats to everyone who had wins in their respective classes.

    I'm so proud of my pony he got the 2nd highest dressage score of the show with a massive 71.6% which I have to credit to Chloe for riding him :)

    He did well in the halter & ridden too but I'm
    So impressed with his dressage!

    For everyone who complains about lack of competition, get a purebred gelding!! There's no lack of competition in our classes :p :D

    SSPAH - Marky's dressage test was sensational! I loved watching it and he's a real credit to you!!
  20. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Arnie that is a good question & i guess we all have different answers for that. :)*

    I competed at Bibs & Booties, we competed in 4 Champion line ups, with competition in 3 of those (& nice baby/babies we were against).
    We had competition in all 4 Supremes & again damn nice youngsters... we took home the 4 Supreme awards.

    Competion was there in Best Foal Of Show, Grand Champion 12hh & Over, & Supreme Of Supreme Exhibit... my boy took off these awards also. :)
    Now an A class win is DEFINITELY fantastic, but IMO (& others may not agree, which is each to their own :) ), i would rather had the competition at any show, A class or not, but then i am very proud that a gelding i bred did extremely well, especially as the last 3 awards were judged by all 4 judges. **)
    To breed a horse/pony & have them compete with fantastic results, i mean can you take that away from someone? Maybe, but i certainly don't let that bother me, others might.

    Another pony i bred, went Champion Derivative Weanling at the Trilogy, with his owner, so i guess really there in itself is a good win.
    It's sad though some shows have low numbers but we can't force people compete, sadly showing is getting too expensive!

    However, well done to EVERYONE that competed, EVERYONE that won/placed... we left Bibs & Booties (didn't bother with the Misc classes) to go & watch a weanling i bred compete & didn't get back to York till 10.30pm - we totally enjoyed the night & all the beautiful horses, shame we didn't enter but it clashed with B&B.
    Congrats to the WAAHA committee which looked like a well run show. :)

    I got some lovely head shots of your Arabs i will email you once resized, can i please have your email addie or is it ok to add them to FB for you?

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