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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by old duck, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    has anyone got any photo's of tree-less saddles? i have never seen one and i have heard people saying that they look like U.F.O's?
  2. entreat

    entreat Active Member

    This is my Barefoot Cheyenne. Yes, it looks a little big-ish, but it is honestly the most comfortable saddle I have ever used. You can get other treeless that look more like dressage saddles. If you're thinking about getting one, pay the price of the Barefoot Cheyenne instead of one of the knock-offs (from goodwoods, or status) as they are very very very different in feel. You'll know it when you sit in it.


  3. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    This is Poppy in her Barefoot Cheyenne. Shes a short backed horse so it looks bigger on her. So comfy and fantastic if you have a sore back. Just did my first endurance on Sunday and it was a dream. No pain for either of us.

  4. courtney&coco

    courtney&coco Well-known Member

    Coco is developing a bit of a roach back in his older years. I ride him bareback a lot but I'm wondering if there would be enough support with these saddles for his not so fantastic spine.
    I looked into getting one for ages, but settled on a Wintec Pro Stock with Cair for greater clearance of the spine until he gets a bit more muscly.
    I'm wondering now if I should just stick with what I've got (It's definately working and making a heck of a difference when he moves) or invest in a barefoot.

    My next horse will definately be going treeless! Fantastic photos guys, especially like the way your Cheyenne looks with fenders MArianne.
  5. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    My 26yo TB has about a hand of wither and wastage. He wears the same saddle poppy does and moves beautifully, probably too much so as he thinks he's in training for the Melbourne cup. When my OH rides him in my Kimberly Poly he goes back to the 26yo TB. The swinging fenders are fabo!! thanks C&C.
  6. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    I don't think that they look too big. do you have to get special saddlecloths for them?
  7. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Yes the barefoot range have a special therapheutic(sp??) pad to give wither clearance and any reputable company will tell you to use a proper treeless saddle pad,if they don't-buy somewhere else!!
  8. courtney&coco

    courtney&coco Well-known Member

    Jessica0368- When you buy from horseconnection they include the saddle pad - you need to use a special kind of pad under treeless saddle for extra protection and cushioning (correct me if I'm wrong anyone!!). Horseconnection won't sell a saddle without this pad.
  9. courtney&coco

    courtney&coco Well-known Member

    Hehehe pockets, we must have posted at the same time :p
  10. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Great minds think alike!!!
  11. entreat

    entreat Active Member

    Mouse has slight muscle wastage on his wither & he's super comfy in the Cheyenne. He has a special pad, but if I'm riding a fatter withered horse, I take out the therapeutic part (attached with velcro), and she's apples!

    My friends noticed immediately that my riding posture improved, and I noticed that Mouse's walk turned from a 'march' into a swing with it.

    Courtney - if you ride bareback alot, I think a Cheyenne would be good. It's like a super comfy & supportive bareback ride.
  12. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Poppy has a forward girth groove and with normal saddles I ended up nearly sitting on her neck as tree'ed saddles slide forwards on her. Very annoying. Don't have that problem with my Cheyenne, you can sit the saddle as far forward as you need to, you're supposed to put the seat of the saddle where you would normally sit if you were on bareback. That means that my girth/saddle sits properly.**) No more riding her neck, yippie. Not a very long neck to ride either is there, LOL.:D

    Like the others have said, the point of the saddle pad is to keep the saddle off the spine and it is designed specifically for that purpose which normal saddles pads aren't.

    Love it.
  13. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    awesome i think that i might get one when i manage to save up enough money! I like the dressage one i think that it looks pretty much like a normal saddle. and if the horse is happier useing one why not?
  14. Premier

    Premier Well-known Member

    thats the thing, alot of people ask me why i use a treeless and i am like why not. Premi loves it we have free movement and it's comfy for me, it might not be the prettiest thing but it works for us. I'm not say people that use treed saddles are in the wrong but it doesnt work for us and this does :)
  15. bawtry

    bawtry Well-known Member

    I have recently just got even more respect for these saddles!!! I have pinched a nerve in my back or something (happened a few times, went away, but is now back again) which has been triggered when riding in my dressage saddle the past couple of times. (Very scary) :(
    Went for a trail ride yesterday in the treeless and no pain, no tingling nothing for me, despite the fact the horse was being a total pain. Was a great change!!! :)
  16. entreat

    entreat Active Member

    Me too!! A lot of people at my agistment think of me as a bit of a crack-pot! I ride in a treeless saddle, a rope halter, and i took on one of the hardest horses (pony actually) to come through that place after everyone else ruined her & then promptly gave up on.

    My decision to go treeless had alot to do with my wintec not fitting Mouse and there being no saddler in town to fix the problem (old wintec - not an easy-change gullet). It was a simple transition, and I use my saddle on any horse I ride down there. I'm always asking, "do you mind if I use my saddle?"!
  17. El_equine

    El_equine Well-known Member

    I had a look at treeless saddles but the one person who I knwo with one said that hers slipped something shocking, so I was put off.
    Maybe I will get a rep out to try one on my T/B, I only ride for pleasure so I am looking for a saddle that is really comfy for me & horsey.
    Where would I get a rep from, are they listed on the websites?
  18. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    I think I saw Torsion treeless saddles in the Europa Saddleworld catalogue today, it must be them who recently became the new distributors. However I didn't see any on display in the store. Not sure where to access Cheyennes, but check their website.

    Do you know anyone nearby who has one? Its just that they take some getting used to and your legs flop around a bit at first (there is nothing to hold you in place). So it would be better to try them a few times in a row or alternating with your old saddle to see how you really like it - they are not cheap!

    Edit- Oh, i just hit 500 posts. How sad I have no life.
  19. entreat

    entreat Active Member

    Horseland also sells Torsions. If you want to try a cheyenne (strong recommended, incase you couldn't tell in previous posts!!), I would contact Natalise on the HorseConnection site. I think she's in SA somewhere... but don't quote me!

    She'll also recommend a pad for your horses shape, and if he may need a breast plate (like Mouse is meant to have, but a lack of hills in Kalgoorlie kinda negates that need!).
  20. Satorii Lodge

    Satorii Lodge Well-known Member

    be aware they not approved for pc competition ....are for efa tho....asked specifically at an instuctor school on weekend

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