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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by BJ, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. BJ

    BJ New Member

    I was wondering if anyone can recomend any really good treatments. My horse has cut her leg and as she is a show horse i would like to know if there is anything i can use that will help with the healin of her cut. i dont know how she did it there is no where she could have done it?????

    thanx joanne
  2. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    I always use Otoderm or dermaclens to get the wound granulated and filled out and then follow with Prednoderm(can only be bought from a vet on advice) which stops the granulation and hopefully helps it heal with minimum scarring. I have had great results with this combination. Lower legs can be very prone to producing excessive granulation which has to be controlled or major scarring will be left. If you ever have to remove some excess granulation, Copper Sulphate mixed in with some petroleum jelly is fantastic for cutting it back.

    Hope this helps

  3. Mel

    Mel New Member

    Hi BJ

    A great natural healing remedy is using Manuka Honey, it helps things heal twice as fast with very minimal scarring. Honey is just an all round good guy really!


  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Arnie has something like that too. On the inside of his right leg he has this small spot. Only about 1cm by 1cm and it looks like a clump of durt. So for the past year or so I had egnored it only until today I realised, that its not durt. I took a look and brushed all the crumby bits away with my hand and underneath its all lumpy and stuff. I accidently made it bleed in the end. I don't know what it is. Its so small I never noticed it. It just looks like another Chestnut. I hope it nothing bad. Its been there since I got him. Maybe what you'd use on Tina might help with Arnie's situation...

  5. Tyne

    Tyne Well-known Member

    My horse hoolie has by the sounds of it the exact same thing. He only got it like 2 years ago and the vets dont know what it is.. it is oly like the size of a five cent piece but it is rather soft and iv put prednadurm and everything on it. iv asked 4 vets and none of them know what it is .
    but it doesnt seem to bother him except i occasionally see him itching it. I thought it could have been a melanoma but the vets said it is definatly not .. so yeah... altho over time like now it is getting smaller it just makes me wonder what it is.
  6. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Yeh, it doesn't seem to bother them hey. He doesn't itch it its just when you get up close its weird looking. Suppose I should just leave it alone. Thanks...

  7. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    My young filly recently jumped a 5foot gate and skinned her back legs a bit. The vet came out and gave a tetanus shot and suggested betadin gel for the first couple of days or honey (the honey you buy from the roadside). Good old fashioned honey! LJ

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