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    Gaia- I think Robots horse is an excellent example of why you maybe started this thread;)

    Fantastic job there Robot....shame she went unsound esp after all the work you'd obviously done.

    Lollyem, Con and sollywolly's are also pretty good**)

    ETA: sorry Cdk.......but I would have bet money on your horse being a pacer....oops
  3. valdez

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    I have a great one. September 2008

    to this: January 2010
  4. SexyRitzy

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    TJ when i bought him

    My OH riding

    After we clipped all his fluff off


    TJ now (photos a few months old..need new ones *#))



  5. Elanda

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    Scooty ...BTSR had already got the weight back on him (don't know if she has any photos of when she first got him? ) more to show the difference in shape now that he is under saddle ...

    January...when he first arrived


    and now..

    hopefull defluffed photos next week:)*
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  6. Dollar

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    I have taken in two TB's very recently one off the track so in very slim racing condition who has already put weight on and the other a very skinny wormy poor three year old TB mare who I actually purchased just to feed the poor thing. I'm kicking myself now but thought at least if I feed her up a bit then I can find a nice home for her. I really shouldn't have paid anything for her but I couldn't leave her there in that condition.

    I will have to take some photos before they put on too much more weight.
  7. Halligan

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    Yay the Chevmeister! I won Reserve Champion Rider on him :p even got a canter out of him for games hehe I looked like a flea on him!

    Sil.... OMg!! I can't beleive the transformation! Where did you get him from? the poor fellow :(
  8. Robot

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    Thanks guys!! We had a bit of a hard slog together getting her healthy mind and bodywise! Especially as she's my first horse!! It was pretty disapointing #( She was only 8 too. I'm hoping my new boy will last as bit longer! But she's still got a home for life with me :)
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    This was my baby girl Amity sadly the lady i passed her onto to continue her progress found that it would be better to put her to sleep :(

  10. sil

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    This is our stud stallion when we bought him, best one we could find after a long time looking. The injury is what made it possible to get him as it ended his career before it began. They had to starve him (on vet supervision) to slow his growth to allow his tendons to correct themselves. He wasn't neglected at all - I take my hat off to his breeder for picking what was best for him at the time, even if it wasn't pretty.
  11. Alice_Jayne

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    Yes Janna I was thinking that as well, but it was fat, she is just a very lean (sp) horse and is so incredibly long lol. When I got her she had celulite (sp) on her bum and now she has lost all of that she needs to build up muscle. She is now getting double fed and it doesn't help when she likes to hoon around her paddock on a daily bases chasing the quad next door :p
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    OMG I remember the day you purchased him and when he arrived over here, just before Xmas and WOW look at Master Toby now!!! Awsome.. well done Lou a credit to you..
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    Some excellent transformations everyone.

    Jet, March 2006 when he came to WA (what the hell did the stud sell me????).


    Gosnells Show a short while later (Aug maybe?).


    *above 2 pics taken off another photo - hence the wrong dates*

    Our last show together, before i sold him, Nov 2009.

  14. Cassie 76

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  15. Alice_Jayne

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    OMG sil, your boy is all grown up and looking sooooo good :D
    Looking at his yearling picture his legs are so scinny its like they are going to snap just looking at them. You guys have come such a long way, so happy for you :))
  16. Remaani

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    Topaz - nothing drastic but just some toning & more conditioning.


    4 wks later (March 2010).


    My beautiful Cody (previously owned/raced my mum's cousin).


    4 wks later.

  17. Alice_Jayne

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    Remaani little topaz is sooo cute, can I ask why you called him/her topaz, because I havn't heard of a horse being called it in years.
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    Gaia, great thread! **)

    Some of the before and after's are just stunning! Good job, people! **)

    Lollyem... what a story! That's so touching! **) :)) What happened to Faiths 'worm' tummy... the foal? Something good I hope! :)
  20. myyky

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    How exactly do you tone a mini? Do you lunge them, or take them for walks on the lead rope or what?
    I've never really thought about it, I mean, if it was a big horse you'd be riding and lunging right?

    Some of the transformations are great XD Nice to see there are so many caring people out there willing to spend time and money to make their horses have a better quality of life..

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