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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Zegger, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    So I threw myself in the deep end and got a 8 yr OTTB , who raced till he was 7.

    He has this indent on his right hip , which we have identified as torn muscle . He had it when I got him and he went for a hoon that day and pulled up very sore the next day . Now I think the combination of not been worked much and been locked up in a small area , is half the reason, when he smacko, he hurt himself .

    I have no experience with torn muscles , but it is an old injury. Old enough to cause the hoof on the same leg to become flared from compensating. Now what would be the best way to approach this ? I want to use him for arc and some low level eventing (starting at e grade). He also has a healed bowed tendon , which is another story all together.

    My plan of attack was , to get some bowen ( which he started today with a fantastic girl) , slowly correct his feet so he is balanced , get the chiro out to make sure he is good elsewhere. Then bring him softly into work and focus on building some strength in his hindquarters.

    Is there also any kind of supplements that could help the muscle? .

  2. PsoasPony

    PsoasPony Guest

    That looks a bit more serious than your average torn muscle.. ouch! Any ideas on what happened? Is there much scar tissue? Is the 'hip bone' ok? The area below the indent, is that old scar tissue as well?
  3. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    No idea what happened . He had it when I bought him. We don't exactly know the extent of the damage . I'm getting a vet out to assess the full damage soon. Till then , he is just resting in the paddock. He has been ridden before without getting sore and that included jumping .

    I will try and get better pictures tonight.
  4. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    That is way more than a torn muscle!! Looks like he has banged his hip heavily and damaged the point of his illiac crest. What you see is where the ligament has been damaged (and probably detached) and permanent muscle atrophy occurs. My old TB had the exact same problem and was never sound again sadly. Your horse will not be suited or even able to event or jump I am sorry. Nothing vets can do either.:(
  5. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    Oh no :( that's no good at all Caroline . I think I will defiantly have to get a vet out to confirm. Is there any chance it's not damage to the illiac crest ? . Would he be suited to just dressage maybe ?

    Here is a better photo, as the shadow made it look more dramatic.

  6. PsoasPony

    PsoasPony Guest

    What did the bowen therapist say? Could she feel the tuber coxae - if so, any damage? Could she feel any scar tissue? Could she see any restricted movement, or pick up anything from visual or palpation?

    I would be interested to feel if the tuber coxae is okay and what is going on with the surrounding muscles. I would be getting a vet check prior any work commencing.
  7. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Any ridden work that involves the horse using their bum properly, he will have issues with because he just cant. It hurts and he will have no real strength there.
  8. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    I would be very interested to hear what your bowen therapist said.
    The Tuber coxae is the bone that is the most lateral part of your pelvis, and that dent is smack bang in the middle of it.
    I agree with caroline, you're dealing with a lot more then a torn muscle here. Your medial and superficial gluteals go right over that area and I dare say their tendonous attachments would be damaged.
    What is his movement like?
  9. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    His movement when he trots and canters is amazing . Very free moving and large striding . I will have to speak to my Bowen therapist and get more details.

    I have the vet coming out at 1.30 pm today , so I will post an update tonight .
  10. caitie

    caitie Well-known Member

    This looks to me like a knocked down hip. My horse has the exact same and while cosmetically it isnt pretty it has never in the 5 years i have owned him caused him any issues. He has lovely movement and jump and has never been unsound because of it. He has also had numerous vet checks which they have said he is fine as well as bowen, chiro, equisage and massage.

    It really depends on the horse but i would get him checked by the vet as it may not be a issue. My horse also trialled as a racehorse with his no problems at all. :)
  11. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    So I have the verdict . I got my regular vet practice out and he checked him over and did some tests and concluded that he is fine :D !!

    He said it looked to be a old fractured pelvis. The bone is sitting lower from the injury but its healed up and he is fine to ride . Obviously he won't be a top eventer but I don't need a top eventer . Can honestly say I'm very relieved .

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