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Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Fiestymama08, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Fiestymama08

    Fiestymama08 Well-known Member

    Did anyone else see the weight loss story last night and those "special fat busting beans". Apparently they dont sell them up here at IGA, they are a chinese legume I think Adsuki(sp) beans or something like that lol. The two guinea pigs that are trying the "today tonight diet" are including them to see if they help with the weight loss or not.:)*
  2. The Ranger

    The Ranger Active Member

    Try the health food shop - they can order them in for ya...
  3. Bushmanwatts

    Bushmanwatts Well-known Member

    I thought that I would give it ago, those beans. But I first wanted to know if the trial people did loose any weight. So did they??
  4. moreHaffies4WA

    moreHaffies4WA Well-known Member

    i personally dont agree with any of those 'wonder pills'
    if you want to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off afterwards you should exercise and eat healthy.
    thats the only way your going to do it.
    its hard work, but very rewarding once youve lost it.

    good luck with those pills i hope they work for you, but i dont think they do
  5. Bushmanwatts

    Bushmanwatts Well-known Member

    Same about the pills but one has to start some where with weight loss as it not always about food and exercise. I have had first hand at that. But this what we are talking about is food and it is a bean.
  6. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    the beans soak up the fat you eat, they dont suck the fat of your butt cheeks, if you reduce the fat you eat you wont need the beans.
  7. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    if normal changing food/ adding exercise dosent work for you, see your DR!! i know some people are over weight due to medical reasons etc, if you are then a DR is going to be able to help you lose weight a hell of a lot better than some wonder beans!!
  8. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Well said Shar!! **)
  9. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    what i hate about all these "fad" diets is as soon as you stop taking the "miracle" diet aid the weight not only piles back on but then some....... im not big but had been unhappy with my yo yo weight since having our second baby 4 years ago........ i have tried so many different things help me get back to my "comfort" weight...(health/diet shakes, appetite supressants, fat burners, detoxes etc) and everytime i stopped taking them i added another kilo onto my initial start weight ... somewhere amongst the years of having kids and reaching 30 i had lost the motivation to exercise....even riding was a half hearted thing as i wasnt fit

    i went and got hypnotised about 5 months whilst the reason was for weight loss, i walked away with something other than that...... he didnt put me in atrance or anything cuckoo like that, but somehow reinstalled my motivation button.......

    i can happily say now i feel SUPER..... i have lost weight and gained muscle and probably only 3 kilos lighter but a heck of alot slimmer and fitter...... i train at the gym twice a week, boxing/sparring once a week (plus have my bag set up at home).... i have an awesome walking partner (thankyou Robyn!!!!) and we walk most days for an hour..... plus i am back riding in the early mornings at least 4-5 times a week (at the moment).... my everyday diet is much healthier and i have just started a acai berry detox 3 days ago for a clean out and lost another kg.....

    so i dont trust or believe any of these diets that promise weight loss (longer than the period you continue to take it)...... it is impossible to be a permanent thing without the needed exercise therefore making it a fraud and a waste of money

    EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE..... all it need be is a gentle stroll or swim to start..... better than nothing

    but as others have said is a trip to the dr rather than a "all promises" diet is the go

    the cherry on the cake (pardon the pun) for me was i had a lesson with paul Hedges last weekend.... my last lesson with him was 2 years ago when i first bought Dud.... i was stoked at how much he said i have improved and I know for a fact it is just because of the hard work i have put into myself (not dudley) in the last few months...... i have a heap of core strength which is now holding everything where "everything" should be when I am upright instead of tilted forward, shoulders are back, hands arent relying on balancing on the horses mouth ;), seat is deeper...... stoked MUCHLY!
  10. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Agree'd there OH. One of my family members would swear blind you could lose weight alone on diet and went on every 'diet' under the sun.
    However there is only one diet you need and that is a 'healthy' diet which should be apart of your everyday life anyway.

    From there you will only lose weight with excersize and I'm just watching a show on gwn now by Paul Mckenna and what he has to say is bloody brilliant. He's all about being positive, he does not agree with no pain no gain as any negativity towards excersizing just won't help! And like OH said he says a gentle stroll will do it!

    By all means if it works for you then great. Remember, any new diet or workout the weight will fly off in the first month or so but it will slow right down and some weeks you may gain weight (expecially if your female ;)) and this is where most people give up and believe it doesn't work. Some week's I personally gained a few hundred grams and some weeks I only lost 100grams but week after week they added up and I've halved my body weight.

    If you have any medical problems preventing you from gentle work out then see your GP of physio for help. The hydro pool in town is great for anyone with exsisting injuries etc.
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