tiny hard lumps on horses body?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by xhorsesx, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. xhorsesx

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    Does anyone know what could be causing tiny hard lumps to have appeared on my mares body, the largest is around the size of a pea & quite hard, the others are not so big. They are all positioned in the saddle/rug area, none on her legs, head or hind quarters etc. I am in the process of washing all her underugs/numnahs in case it is a mite or something similar. Does anyone know what I could put on them to get rid of them? :confused:

    Help???? Thanx x
  2. simbin

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    This is always a hard one. Could be many things.
    Usually an insect bite but seeing it is under her rug area not so likely or some other type of allergy.
    Have you washed your gear lately with a new detergent? Have you changed her feed recently? Are there any new weeds/grasses popping up in her yard/paddock. I would go out and buy a product for sensitive skin types, can't remember the name of the one I use or alternatively wash her in pinetarsol, wash all her gear/rugs in a gentle laundry detergent. Your stockfeeders should have a range of shampoos that can be used for this purpose or even your local horse store. Pinetarsol is available from your chemist.

    If she really seems irritated by it and is desperately scratching and seems distressed I would give your vet a call. She may need some type of antihistimine to help get rid of them.
  3. pso

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    When was she last wormed with a mectin based wormer?
  4. holistichorse

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    hard lumps

    I see these tiny hard lumps a lot in my clients. They are usually caused by an allergic reaction to something or an overload of collagen usually caused by excess protein in the diet. There isn't really that much you can do for them either unless you know what is causing the allergy.
    I would reduce the protein in the diet and apply some sort of anti-inflammatory cream to the skin or a cream based on comfrey or calendula, chickweed & marshmallow. A lot of people get cortisone injected into the lumps which may make them disappear for a while but there is not a massive success rate with this as they often reappear.
    Hope that helps you a bit :)
  5. pso

    pso Gold Member

    hmmmmm...over load of collagen... interesting.......;)
  6. xhorsesx

    xhorsesx New Member

    tiny lumps...

    she has been wormed twice in the last 3 months with a mectin based wormer?.....

    We only really noticed the lumps since she has been clipped, which was about 5/6 weeks ago.

    The only new feed which has been introduced in the last 3 months is Showtorque....could this possibly be a cause?? Other than that she gets chaff, 1 scoop pollard, handful garlic, small handful of celery seed & large handful of black sunflower seeds....anyone know if these feeds can cause these lumps?...(will try & post a pic on here later).

    Thank you so much for all your advice.....xx
  7. xhorsesx

    xhorsesx New Member

    tiny lumps....


    She doesn't seem to be distressed by the lumps at all & doesn't itch them.
  8. Shakhaan

    Shakhaan Well-known Member

    Hard lumps in the saddle region could be "saddle acne". I've seen it before, had to be vigilant with washing the horse (not just hosing, but washing with shampoo so that the skin's pores didn't become clogged with sweat/dirt) and saddle cloths, this was in a stabled, rugged horse too. We ended up picking them out, then dressed with Betadine ointment daily until the holes healed over.

    If its over the loin area as well, I'd suspect rain scald... has the horse had any time in the rain of late, without a rug on?

    Ciao. Kiley.
  9. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member


    the bumps sound like "urticaria" which are little bumps that appear from either a sensitivity to overload of protein or an allergy to something like a new detergent or shampoo. They are not usually sore or itchy, or cause the horse much pain, but they are difficult to get rid of.
  10. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    This sounds just like the little hard lump my horse has.
    Thankfully it sits under her saddle blanket but not under the saddles itself.
    Went it first developed it used to get a little irritated at times so I treated it with Domoso and it shrank condsiderably. Since then it's just remained a about the size of half a pea. It's hard but it doesn't seem to bother her.
    A vet told me the only way to shift it is to try injecting it with cortisone and if that fails, cut it out.
    So far I've just opted to leave it be.
  11. Shabelle

    Shabelle Active Member

    Could it be ingrown hairs???
  12. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Now there's an interesting thought.
    Anyone have any idea how you'd check for that on a horse with black skin and brown hair ?
  13. kt

    kt Active Member

    without seeing it, it sounds quite like 'eosinophilic granulomas' - they are small hard, nonpainful lumps that are usually under the saddle region. Not really sure what causes them, sometimes it is insect bite allergies, sometimes it can be the saddle or saddle cloth causing trauma. Have you had your saddle fitted?
    If that is what it is, you can get them injected with corticosteroids if it is bothering the horse. If it is bothering the horse, or painful or itchy its probably best to get it checked out. :) Just my 2c worth!
  14. giddy up girl

    giddy up girl Active Member

    Do horses get hay mites???? Just that I know of an awful amount of people being covered in lumps all due to hay mites and apparently there is plenty of infected hay out there....Just a thought.
  15. snickers

    snickers New Member

    My horse had the same thing and they got bigger - well the ones under the saddle area and I ended up having to get them cut out. The biopsy showed that they were an allergic reaction to what the vet thought must have been insect bites as lots of small ones are still in his flank area HOWEVER, I have had an insect rug on him since the removal of the lumps and there are a few new ones so not so sure anymore.... Keep an eye on them. Cost me a lot to get them removed.... good luck and if you find out anything that gets rid of them PLEASE let me know!
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  16. Babe the standy ROCKS

    Babe the standy ROCKS Well-known Member

    If the horse has just been clipped and you are using a synthetic saddle blanket it could be a reaction. We were advised to use a cotton saddle blanket only after our pony was clipped to avoid a reaction. Just an idea?
  17. RIP FLOExx

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    I have lumps on my horse's body, but they are quite large like a grape. He doesn't wear a saddle or a rug on his body at all. We used to feed him powder stuff with calcium for something else, and we have stoppd using it for a while now, but they seem to be getting a little bigger and more come up.#(

    Can you help??*#)
  18. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    There is a larvae called onca zerca (Spelling is not right but that is as close to the phonetics as I can come.) it sets up under the skin of the horse. as the larva develope they hatch out adn come out of these lumps developinginto sores.

    You can treat it with a worming paste that treats onca zerca. I dont think it is very common but i used to rug a horse in the Yangebup area that used to get it.
  19. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Ok so I'm posting these for GoWelshCobs...
    GWC says: "They are on my mates TB mare who is in foal she has never had them until after being in foal she also changed her diet at around the same time but we are stumped as are the vet as to if they are diet or hormone related."
  20. Prospectors Secret

    Prospectors Secret New Member

    My mare has got a similar thing since being clipped but all over her back and rump. A few of my mates horses have got a similar thing. I think they might be mosquito bites - weve had an influx lately. Mine go away after a few day then she gets a few more.

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