thoughts on appaloosas and wb and the crossing of!

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by sandalwoodpark, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Hummmmmm and the other 50% of the equation?.....arguably the most important part of the equation?

    Oh yeah..........she's got a uterus. :eek:
  2. sandalwoodpark

    sandalwoodpark Active Member

    you should really watch your self if you read the begining of this thread it was a really well bred wb mare that i was refering to with the wb appyx if you have nothing nice to say dont say it im not here telling you your mare qualities re SH*T so i would appreciate the same back thanks. you do not know me so dot not assume you do, our mares are also quality... i think you need to get a life and do something other than be on here bagging and being nasty to everyone, ppl like myself only come on here for insight and encouragement and hope not to be lectured and bagged b#(y YOU!!!!!!!
  3. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    You have said in the past that you bred your Appy stallion over a Standardbred mare...........?

    There are some real quality WB mares who have been bred to coloured stallions to produce top quality open market horses.
    And some very astute and ethical breeders have been breeding particular coloured horses for elite competion for many years...........I know those breeders, and I know those horses..... I also know of their long term commitment to excellence and their passion for the Appaloosa horse and its genetics.

    These are the breeders who are producing the horses you mention.
    I don't believe they have any standardbred blood.

    The only way that breeders gain any respect or status in the industry is to breed with integrity......thats across the board in any breed, or discipline.
  4. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    He would do well in the halter world where he doesnt have to canter ;) nice trot :)*
  5. belambi

    belambi Active Member

    he is 14 months old and will NEVER have anything whatsoever to do with the halter world.. any halter types we breed are gelded and sold immediatly..we breed performance horses, and have no time nor interest for halter types in our program.

    His canter has scored a 9 in his initial assesment. ;)(although of course you wouldnt think so from this particular video clip!!)
  6. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    guess it depends what discipline he's for too, i just found it flat and disunited (looked like my stbred's canter LOL). But his trot was nice :)
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  7. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I don't think any STB breeding there Heifer......lolol ;)
  8. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    I cannot believe that once again one of these threads turns into ww3.
    For goodnessakes members ,get a grip.Mods are tired of having to come in time and time again to clean up threads.Well not this time.Thread goes bye bye.
    I suggest you ALL have a good read of the code of conduct prior to posting again on this forum!
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