Thoroughbred brand search.

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by info on archie, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. addimantium123

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    hi dont know if im doing this right but im looking for the race name of my tb her brands are 22over9 she is five years old black with a star and three white socks i think she was breed at egmont stud but am not sure can anyone help?
  2. highclere

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    Information Wanted

    I have a brown/black TB gelding brand KP 77/5, would anyone have any details about him please
    I see a previous post that you found another KP branded horse, this one hasn't been as easy to find.
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  3. highclere

    highclere New Member

    Thoroughbred brand search

    I have a brown/black TB gelding brand KP 77/5, would anyone have any details about him please, no one seems to be able to find anything
  4. Painted

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    Do you know how old he is? 8 or 18? Either way he hasn't been registered with the studbook, so he must have been not worth it registering, meaning he was too slow or any other reason.
  5. highclere

    highclere New Member

    Thoroughbred brand search

    He could be 18 but surely doesn't look like it
  6. 3TB

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    Info on Dex

    I'm currently looking at a TB to lease/buy who is an ex-racer and rescue horse, his current owners don't have his papers because they were given him by the person who rescued him and I'm curious as to what I can find out about him.

    Chestnut Gelding, age estimated 7, brand on left shoulder capital G in the centre of a sun/8 pointed star, has a white blaze from just above his eyes half way down his face a bit like a kite.

    A picture I have of him on instagram showing both his face and brand Instagram

    thanks in advance for any info found
  7. NaeNae87

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    Hi 3TB,

    The brand is G INSIDE CIRCLE INSIDE STAR and belongs to a Mr GW Henderson but without the brands from other side of his shoulder, I cannot narrow down who he is. Can you post the brand off his other shoulder?

    This is the one I am talking about from my TB.
  8. dobin

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    hi , hoping some one might be able to identify a friends horse for me. Brand is an 'R' with a line above it and 13 over 0. Dark brown gelding with a small dot / star . Any help appreciated. Cheers:)
    there is a pic of the brand in the other brand search thread.
  9. Prestige

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    Looking for brand search if anyone can help?

    Bay TB mare

    Lazy H2L 1 over 0

    She has been abandoned at my place so trying to find some info so I can find her a nice home.

  10. joblow745

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    chestnut thoroughbred Bar W

    Searching for info on a chestnut thoroughbred. Brand is Bar W (W With horizontal bar through the middle) and 14 over 4. White blaze. 2 short white socks on near side. Any help appreciated.
  11. jla876

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    Please HELP!

    I'm trying to find any information on my boy but can't find anything anywhere :(
    he is a dark bay gelding with a brand on his near side shoulder of D. over 10 over 1
    he was born in 2001 according to the dentist.
    any help would be very very much appreciated.
  12. Clairemarie

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    Hi there
    I'm new to this forum and was just wondering if there is someone out there that could help me find some information on a thoroughbred gelding I have just been given. Poor guy has been moved on from person to person quite a lot and I have been given no info at all!
    His brand is NCS and has a 90 over a 5.
    Any info at all would be greatly appreciated!!


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