the old man is bragging again :)

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    [​IMG] My son now has a Bachelor of Aviation Degree as well as Graduate Diploma (Flying) and has just enrolled to do his Masters Degree (Aviation Management) at UNSW! :) **) Along the way he has picked up the following awards:

    [*]Certificate of Recognition for being one of the top 100 students for academic achievement out of over 25,000 at Edith Cowan University.
    [*]Golden Key International Honor Society Membership awarded to the top 15 percent of students at Edith Cowan University.
    [*]Letter of Commendation for outstanding academic performance from Head of Engineering School Prof. Daryoush Habibi.
    [*]Timothy Lin Memorial Aviation Prize for the highest overall combined mark in core aviation units SCA1125, SCA1113, SCA1229, SCA1114.

    [B]Australian Commercial Pilot Licence[/B]
    - Manual Propeller Pitch Control
    - Initial Multi-Engine
    - Retractable Gear
    - CAO 40.2.1 app IV GPS Enroute logbook stamp

    [B]Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating[/B]
    Nav-aid Endorsements:

    Complete ATPL Theory Credit
    Average Mark: 84%

    - Class One Aviation Medical Certificate (Valid until 28/11/2014)
    - Dangerous Goods Awareness Certificate (Valid until 15/07/2015)
    - CASA Drug and Alcohol Awareness Certificate

    the world is your oyster my son.:)

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    Just awesome Admin and another very proud parenting moment to share!

    I always show your posts to my daughter, she hangs off your son's every achievement in her own quest for a flying future.

    She has just won a scholarship to gain her Gliding Pilots licence later in the year (when she turns 15!) and whilst that is not her true love, was another challenge for her to undertake.

    Makes the heart swell.....

  3. Satins mine

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    Murray can I make a suggestion. Make sure your son sees this thread.

    I lost my father to a brain tumor 3 months ago. He never ever said he was proud of me.

    The love and affection you have for your son is clear but make sure he knows it. That spoken appreciation will live on in his heart all his life and echo on in the lives of his children
  4. Brag away, Admin! Let the world know how proud you are of your son! **):))
    A big future is ahead of him when the foundation of his career was built with your help. Congratulations to both of you!:rockon:
  5. Murray

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    thank you for the suggestion sm.**) Shane is very much aware of how proud I am as I don't shut up about his achievements and what they will mean to his future.:)

  6. Satins mine

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    So good to hear Murray. Your both are so lucky to have such a great relationship. I envy the pair of you. **)
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  8. Murray

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    my son who is now working as a line pilot in Kununurra landing a C208B (675hp propjet with reverse thrust):)

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