The Legendary Alamar Knot - Tying A Horse Alamar Knot - The Old Savvy String

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    The Legendary Alamar Knot - Tying A Horse Alamar Knot - The Old Savvy String

    I show how to tie this complex unique knot that used to be a silent tradition used by the supposed great horsemen of the West. I am not a Bit Fan and the people used this knot claimed to light horses by putting huge painful "Spade Bit" in a horse's sensitive mouth and gums. It is a barbaric and archaic metal pain device. And the lies about how it showed how light the horse was and they ever used anything but light pressure is Joke.The Spade bit is so painful that any movement at all causes intense pressure so people that love tradition, even if was stupid will hang on to it to belong to something. However this is a nice knot and looks good on a horse and if you can ride your horse with only this rope and knot then I would consider you a horseman that has good communication and trust with their horse.I have a couple of still photos of this knot here for reference: looked high a low for a video or information on how to tie this and I can't even remember how or when I learned it, and I have not tied it in a while, so it took a few times trying to remember it. For the people that follow my horse videos, they will get this next comment.There is NO helmet required when tying this knot, it is safe to tie it without a helmet. :) is another link to my knot tying video for Wild Rags & Silk Scarves and the 4 Square Knot or Bucaroo Knot:
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