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  1. CDA

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    bit of a foal brag :-D

    Jaguar VDS was born on 6/12/13 by Saphiro (IFS) out of Favorita ( Venturoso imp Brazil and Safada imp Portugal).

    Our little buckskin colt is the first PSL (pure Lusitano) born in WA.

    There are now four purebreds in the state and still only less than 100 horses Australia wide.
    Villa Do Sol Lusitano Stud and Dressage Stables are very very proud of mum and bub and we cant wait for the same mating hopefully in sept/oct 2014.
  2. CDA

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  3. valdez

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    Very, very nice CDA, I wouldn't mind that in my paddock. I would be proud too. Can't wait to see him grow up
  4. nannygoat

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    I have always had a bit of a 'thing' for the Lusitano after becoming entranced with thier pics in my old breeds of the world books.

    Love to see this chappie as he grows into that head lol
  5. Lol nanny*#) when he fills out in the bum the head would look balanced:)
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    Have said this elsewhere but congrats he is a stunner. Can't believe the length of his legs.
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    Not so much :) They're quite an uphill type :) I've been admiring his photos for a few days CDA :wub:
  8. CDA

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    thanks guys.

    yep he is a real gem... very confident...nice straight legs and a beautiful correct Lusitano head.

    interestingly he has greeny blue thinking he inherited the chamoagne gene from his Dad who carries his eyes should turn amber as he matures.

    i promise i will keep posting photos
  9. Katsin

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    Very lovely! He is NOT in my paddock if he is missing. I would even give up my Arabs for this one. Congratulations.
  10. NaeNae87

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    Very, very cute. I might be having to save my $$ and buy a Lusitano for my next horse. I have always loved them but the more I see of them, the more I fall in love all over again. :) Can't wait to see more pics :)
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    He is gorgeous, congrats.
    I too have always had a thing for Lusitanos and just like Nannygoat its all because of the old breed books I had a s a child.
  14. Brucey

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    Gorgeous! :wub:
    Congrats CDA **)

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