TBs..shoes on or off??

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by teddy2shoes, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Floggadog

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    I've just spent the last half hour or maybe more reading this thread.
    My years of riding have ALWAYS been with unshod horses. I hadn't even heard of barefoot until last year. Shoeing was always what the racehorses had done or the showies or ponyclubbers. For me out on the farm all horse were unshod including the racehorses that were spelling & retired. When I was ready for the next level of horse it was one of these OTTB's that I'd be handed & rode without any dramas.

    I have to say Retro, with all your arguments on the shoeing side you haven't managed to convince me one little bit that shoeing is better than barefoot (not even sure if that's what you're trying to do, you've said so much & yet so little:confused: ).
    To all that gave info on 'barefoot', thanks, I did learn from you & would love to continue learning from you when these sorts of questions areasked in the future. Please continue to post in other threads your experiences & knowledge.
    Teddy2shoes - I also know a lady who is very knowledgeable & lives in/near Albany & will talk for hours about management of barefoot horses & ponies.
    PM me if you would like to know more. :)
  2. retroremedy

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    LOL, well that is a relief because never at any stage have I posted that shoeing is better than barefoot :confused: .....what maintains soundness and comfort in the horse is what is best ;)
  3. Bon & Ted

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    LOL Retro I do have to admit I get confused at your POV also. As you are for whatever keeps a horse sound and comfortable, however doubt that us "barefooties" are doing so. Alas, I have to hand it to you, you do provide a good debate - are you a lawyer LOL

    Something else - maybe it can be dismissed as propaganda, or totally co-incidental. BUT when I bought Jingles she had a full vet examination, including flexion tests etc. She failed the fetlock flexion tests - was not in any way lame trotting up, but had very little flexibility in the fetlock joint. My vet was concerned about this. We had her x-rayed and there was no signs of anything on the x-ray. Now she has her shoes off and is being barefoot trimmed, and I have noticed that her fetlock flexibility has improved significantly.

    I don't have any other explanation other than the fact that her feet are now in far better health than they where when she was shod. Her environment has hardly changed - I bought her from my neighbour LOL.

    Oh and as far as shoeing goes, it was not a bad shoeing job at all!
  4. retroremedy

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    My POV is simple, nothing wrong with a horse being unshod if it is comfortable and nothing wrong with a shod horse if it needs to be well shod for protection, correction or resurrection.

    I aint doubting you at all B&T, I have just put up an alternative view to a number of assumptions about the well shod horse that have been brought up along the way :)

    All excellent things to demonstrate to me when you come up for a ride!!!! ;) I am waiting in anticipation for that pm B&T so start typing :)
  5. Siren

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    Wow, finally a comment with common sense. :)

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