TB sires. Who stamps progeny?

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Gaia, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    I posted this earlier but here is my experience with Victory Drive offspring - I have heard all the rumours! My boy is a bit hot but very green still and once he knows what is going on he settles very quickly. He is very intelligent, slightly flighty at times but getting better with more exposure, is pretty but... small! I have heard they can have a lot of dirt in them but haven't found this at all with Noddi. From people who have worked with VD himself have all told me he is very pretty and great to handle.

    Noddi is only a 3yo so hasn't done any jumping so no idea with how that will work out. A friend also had a lovely Victory Drive mare, again very pretty and won quite a few Supreme Champ TB's. Every time I met her she was always very well behaved.

    This is my Victory Drive baby -
  2. Mardi

    Mardi Active Member

    I have a Dr. Johnson.......he doesn't jump :eek:, scaredy cat out bush :eek: and rabbits scare the crap out of him :( BUT I love him to bits and he's never let me down if that makes sense *#)

    Oh did I mention he pwweeeettttyyyyyy :)*
  3. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    Anyone else find Dr Johnson's rough to ride?

    I used to ride one for track work, quiet as a mouse, and a purdy one. But my god, it was like riding a camel. :p
  4. Mardi

    Mardi Active Member

    Nope, mines lovely to ride, very smooth.
  5. Mardi

    Mardi Active Member

    ARRRR the memories are flooding back...... When I first got him he would have about 6 different canters in one stride!! That was pretty hard to ride, but I've never found him rough to ride. **) Very quick on his feet though *#)
  6. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    haha. That sounds like a good description! Rough as guts, especially at the canter. So have you overcome this with your horse through flat work and balancing exercises?

    I dont mean rough as in handling in anyway. He was a pure gentleman. In the end, he was the only horse I could ride trackwork, before I gave it up because of my shoulder injury.
  7. Mardi

    Mardi Active Member

    Yep we have overcome it, we are official in dressage :p Training (cough cough), Elementary/Medium *#)
  8. norrishbex

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    I have had 2 Key Business horses, a mare and a gelding. Both are/were really sensitive, but really honest horses. The mare loves to work, and the more I throw at her the better she goes. The gelding(passed away) didn't have a great life racing so hard to comment on how much was nature and how much was nuture but once I had his trust, he would've done anything for me. They can jump, and can move as well. And my 2 have/had fabulous tails.

    I also have a Kendal Star, she's a bit of a thug, and has no respect of personal space. But she is getting better. I don't really get on with the horse, so I can't really think of anything nice to say about her. She does like cuddles though.

    I also have a filly by Carpanetto, and she is awesome, only a yearling but takes everything in her stride, and really willing to do anything for me. Great on the ground, but as she's not broken in (and won't be for a while yet) don't know about under saddle. She learns really really fast. She's not going to be big, but has a leg in each corner.

    I used to ride a Palace Reign Filly, it was a complete lunatic and put me in hospital. She was great out on her own, but put her with another horse and she lost the plot. I have known a few mares by him that are similar, but the geldings seem to be much better.
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  9. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    whats his race name?
  10. katers93

    katers93 Well-known Member

    Thanks Kimaley I did see your post earlier just wanted to put it out there that I was interested in hearing about him. Thanks for the picture looks like a really nice horse and confirms more of my suspicions about his offspring, they do all seem to make very good dressage/hack horses. Thanks again!
  11. Tblover

    Tblover New Member

    My friend has a mare by Redding anyone know what they are like?';'
  12. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    Hey :D
    Hmm work, whats that?! *#) I've just got to find some free time- then I swear it'll happen :p hehe
  13. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    Ive just bought a Dr Johnson filly and dont find her rough to ride at all, she is pretty comfy. Definitely seems to be living up the reputation of being quiet and sensible. She is big moving too
  14. Mardi

    Mardi Active Member

  15. alex

    alex Well-known Member

    My DJ has the nicest paces to ride. Naturally very balanced and has excellent collection. All the DJs i've ridden (3) have been lovely to sit on.
  16. Mr Fin

    Mr Fin New Member

    Hi Kiwigirl your boy is very handsom. Looks like he has a very similar front to my Fin. Definately a nice hunter! So interesting to see other horses that are related isnt it! :D
  17. championpicks

    championpicks New Member

    Got to share mine too.....

    Hey. look at my horse, it seems it has a resemblance of yours....
  18. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Championpicks, are you part of the Horses and Horsemen crew? I believe you go around putting shows on for people with these horses? What breeding is the gorgeous grey I suspect Andalusian stallion above? Do you have any other photos of him?
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  19. Clerrt

    Clerrt Well-known Member

    i rode horse a while back, brand was 0AK, bred by BK hampton according to state brands register

    does anyone know what stallion that foal mightve been out of if he was a '95 baby??
  20. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Hi Clert, cant check that far back (by brand only) on the ASB website. Youre only hope is that someone knows the stud and can remember what stallions were standing at that time.

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