TB sires. Who stamps progeny?

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Gaia, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Cassy Horse

    Cassy Horse Well-known Member

    Anyone know anything about Bluebird (USA)? Was my horse's dam's sire :)
  2. alex

    alex Well-known Member

    Blackfriars - not all there, pushy, spooky.
    Bletchley park - sweet natured, a bit plain to look at, bad feet
    Dr johnson - love them, well conformed, strong, nice natured, great movement and amazing jumping talent.
    Surtee - hate them, spooky, pushy, but usually well put together
    Real jester - not very nice moving but good temperments and very quiet
    Scenic - nervy, pushy, problems with authority
    Mcflirt - nice looking, mostly quiet can be a bit cheeky but usually very sweet
  3. kcr1971

    kcr1971 Active Member

    I have 4 thoroughbred mares
    Only The Lonely by Dr Johnson (beautiful looking and kind natured mare)
    Riawanna by Poliuto ( big boned solid lass, nice nature, kind eye, good hooves) Anyone know much about her sire?
    Mambo Maid by Seignorial .. Anyone know about this sire?
    Double Pass by Blackfriars .. Pretty head, very nice nature

    Cheers :))
    I do love a nice thoroughbred :)
  4. Satorii Lodge

    Satorii Lodge Well-known Member

    oops this is cait**

    thanks TBPA... my guy is plain bay and not a pretty horse but definately far from ugly

    my Fu Pegasus is very sweet and loves attention, but if you pat him/ask him to move away and he doesnt like it, he can get a bit cranky... have to watch his back end at feed time too
  5. TAMU983

    TAMU983 New Member

    Have to agree that you cannot judge a TB by the sire. Yes some do throw a 'type' and some of their 'temperament', but as already mentioned on here the dam does have influence as well as the people who bred/reared/handled them. Having dealt with at least one progeny from just about every sire listed on here though, you do sometimes see a pattern forming. I have a lovely Lord Dane gelding, 3yo unraced. Can be piggy like Dad can be. But I feel 100% safe on him. I do feel Lord Dane throws a type, they are mostly bays with a star on their forehead, bit of white on their leg/s. Solid build mostly. Nice horses for resale off the track. Trainable natures. Have just sold a Fighting Falcon filly from the track, very sweet natured filly, straight legs (although not known for them) far too nice to put down, so I asked the owners if I could rehome her, and thankfully I have. Love, love Pricelesslys, good doers, easy to get along with - have had three and both sexes were great. Can get a little hyper, but I found nothing behind it. I only ever had one Surtee I used to ride, find it funny that you all don't like them - as the one I rode used to be in a terrible mood everyday and loved to buck! :)
    Interesting thread tho!
  6. Reg81

    Reg81 Active Member

    Also got a rising 4yo filly by Blackfriars an she is also lovely natured unless you go near her feed bin at feed time, but rest of time she loves been around people an having cuddles. And she is also a great ride,no bucking etc..
  7. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Funny isn't it how different people see different things in horses-
    every Scenic I've seen was very much the same, boys are arrogant prats and the girls are a bit dirty...
    Agree with cabby about the Real Jesters-big dopey sweehearts!
  8. caitie

    caitie Well-known Member

    Yes very lucky to have him he is a fantastic horse, very typical of what everyone else has said about them.
  9. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    I have to disagree with some....Sires can stamp :)

    Zabaleta geldings are the most divine, honest horses....the fillies are filthy *#)
    Old Spice was pretty much the same - loved the boys, the fillies too smart for most of the high-paced stables they were put into. Give em a bit extra attention though, and they'd throw their heart over the fence for you :)

    I'm liking all the Euclase's horses I've seen and met :) Only one filly though - so hard to guage.

    I really like the Dr Johnson's for looks, temperament and athleticism.

    Made of Gold and Fighting Falcon tend to throw loud markings which are popular. Made of Gold has the advantage though - his progeny can run :}
  10. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    What about Corporate Radiar Babys?
    I know a stack and own one hahaha
  11. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    hahaha love that! I have a pago mystery who has the worst conformation I swear but is the toughest, gutsiest horse I've ever met! I would class him and other pago mystery as almost old fashioned types - big heads, heavy set horses with low set on necks. Pago mystery horses seem to have a lot of white flecking too?? There is probably a more technical name for that ....

    Having said that, sometimes horses by the same sire are completely different in conformation, attitude and ability.

    Some trends I've seen though are ...
    Carry a smile horses are good jumpers and often grey
    Haulpaks are good jumpers but often stubborn. Noticed quite a few have knee problems too.
    Bianconis are a bit hot.
    Oratorios are lovely types.
    Beleles have a great jump as do ones by octagonal and lunchtime lines ...
    Old Spice horses have good temperaments and make nice eventers

    ... hmm I remember all the eventing/jumping lines - that would make sense I guess!

    Wattle - made of gold horses have good temperaments too from what I've seen? They'll really try for you.
  12. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    What about Balestrini?????
  13. Reg81

    Reg81 Active Member

    My big TB is by Switch In Time out of a Lunchtime mare and he is the most awesome jumper
  14. caitie

    caitie Well-known Member

    Definatly agree, that filly is the futherest thing from a killer! :p
  15. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    My 2 cents **)

    Polish Blue - Good looking , but the one I met crazy and he was dangerous
    Zabaleta - Im bias but really good temperament, and good moving with hard good feet and very quirky
    Haulpak - Good jumper and good temperament but as springbok said stubborn
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  16. Roleysgirl

    Roleysgirl Active Member

    we just resold a lord dane, but he was a very fine chestnut with lots of white so i guess he isnt a 'typical' lord dane, but i guess every horse is different
    My BP has the most incredible temperment and while he did have a few problems with legs/feet with good managment he hasnt had an unsound day in ages. He is also very pretty and is bold as anything.
    Does anyone know anything about the Strategic Images? we just got one and he seems very althletic and quiet but has weird problems with his feet- they blow up overnight and hes very lame but then he walks about 100 metres and hes fine???
  17. Charmers

    Charmers New Member


    Balestrini was a cracking racehorse and I have seen several that he has most definitely stamped.

    If his progeny runs as well as him people will be very happy.

    If you look at Vital Equine whose current crop are weanlings you will see a lot of them have his ears

    Good traits and bad traits often carry through.
  18. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    good news on Balestrini
  19. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    I forgot one line that also produces great jumpers and that is Jevington horses.

    The hurricane sky horses I've met have been highly strung, feisty things!
  20. Roleysgirl

    Roleysgirl Active Member

    amen to that:))

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