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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Nicola, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Nicola

    Nicola Active Member

    So after saving for over a year, I finally got a float this week! I'm so excited about it, it's my first float! It's an older style Taylor, in great structural condition with float yards and everything! I loaded my horse up (16h tb) and was amazed by how much space he had. Far more space than in my friend's older Olympic. He had at least a good foot behind his (substantial) bottom, and it seems really high. There's heaps of room infront of the chest bar, even enough room for a couple of saddle racks. So I'm wondering if I inadvertently bought an extended one?

    Does anyone with a Taylor happen to know the dimensions? Also the weight? I'll take it over a weight bridge when I get the chance, but it would be good to have a rough idea in the mean time. Thanks :)
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  2. barragirl

    barragirl Active Member

    Congratulations!! i have owned three of them. they were all very roomy! only weight about 750-800kgs depending on thickness of floor and type ie jarrah is heavier than some woods. Enjoy:))
  3. Ridelikeyoumeanit

    Ridelikeyoumeanit Active Member

    cant remember the actual length of them but do remember that on ours the chest bar was at the start of where the front angles in.

    we now have an extended and there is about 2'6" in front of our chest bar before the angled bit starts. we actually had ours built to our measurements. which is where the 2'6" comes from (our request)

    love our taylor float. always great to tow. ours has 2 saddle racks and a rug rack up front as well as hooks for bridles and halters.

    daughter recently bought a float for camping at events with a kitchen and that is the only reason we are selling our taylor
  4. Sim

    Sim Well-known Member

    Extended is 750 kgs, but mine is a newer one so might be different. Have a look in you rdoor frame, should have a tag with dimensions, tare weight, etc
  5. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    I had an old Taylor, it was a great float, weighed 750kg, towed well, and nice and quiet for the horses (no rattles). Mine wasnt extended but there was plenty of headroom.

    I renovated it - it sure didnt look like that when I bought it - stripped back to frame, sandblasted, spray painted, all new wood, new rubber and upholstery inside, added bigger windows, LEDs all around, new tyres and hubcabs, new brake lines, changed where the lights mount at the back, etc, etc.

    I also sold it about a year after I did it up - I know that the wood doesnt stay looking nice like that for long!! The only downfall of the Taylors, IMO.

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  6. Nicola

    Nicola Active Member

    Thanks everyone, I'm so excited to finally have a float! The chest bars in mine end before the angle. It has 3 side panels too, but I think it may be a little longer. I'll try to post a photo, though I'm not sure I'll be able to on my phone. Your float looks fantastic, kiraSpark. I'd like to get mine looking flash one day, but for now it's perfectly functional :)


    As you can see in this one, his head doesn't quite reach where the front of the float angles, which is why I'm thinking it might be extended.
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  7. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Yours does look a little bit longer :)
    The chest bars in mine ended before the angle too.
    Congrats on your new float!
  8. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    Hey guys I looked at a Taylor today but it looked like it had plywood flooring???? Like marine ply or something.. any ideas?
  9. Ridelikeyoumeanit

    Ridelikeyoumeanit Active Member

    yep the newer ones do, no problem with it.
  10. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Could be form ply. (Was it black?)
    Someone might have re-done the floor.
  11. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    It was ply colour (light wood colour??) underneath and under the rubber. No idea how thick - looks ok. I jumped around on it and it felt ok and not bouncy!!
  12. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I don't think it is extended, the extended ones usually look very obviously extended and have the door on the flat bit of the float just before where the angle starts, not on the front angled bit

    If this pic works, this is an extended taylor


    I have a loadstar which is the other brand of wooden float and I love it, such a strong solid and safe float. Mine weighs 970kg so the weight totally depends on the individual float I guess :))
  13. ShowjumpKid4Eva

    ShowjumpKid4Eva Well-known Member

    My dad has a wooden float and I swear to god that is the ONLY double float I have been able to reliably float Monty in without him climbing the walls. I don't know if it's a Taylor or a Loadstar or what but Monty likes it... he's scrambled in it once but that was around a horrible corner that's downhill off a bridge and he was fine until the float hit a bump. Divider wasn't tied across either like I prefer it, Dad thought he would be fine and wouldn't listen when I said Monty needed it tied across. [Dad is not a horse person and thinks one good trip with the divider across means the horse is magically cured of scrambling]

    Basically I have had Monty on TWO floats that he likes, one a massive horse-and-a-half single and the other my Dad's double. Both wooden. Every other float he has been on with me, he has scrambled in, including a very nice new-ish Olympic, and a JR Easytraveller. Makes no difference as to whether he has company or not, although the last trip in the JR he was quite steady - huge thanks to the friend who owns it both for coming to rescue us [I fainted on a ride out] and for her very careful mindful driving!

    He also self-loads reasonably reliably in a wooden float but can be difficult to load onto a metal one... I'm not sure what that's about. So basically when I have the money I'm going to be specifically looking for a Taylor or similar! And yes, most likely extended, because I like my horses big and have found that Taylors have smallish bays.
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  14. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    The one I just bought is extended. I'm happy with it but will look further into the flooring as the rubber in the float is nailed down so hard to pull up to have a look underneath. The float has a tare weight of 720kg which is a lot lighter than I thought an extended wooden float would be - but I think the marine ply might have something to do with that...

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