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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by MadArab, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. MadArab

    MadArab New Member

    Hi all,
    Hoping someone in the Albany area can help me.
    I'm looking for some tagasaste trees that I can take some cuttings off so I can grow them in our horse paddock, or even better if anyone's got some seedlings that need pulling up :) let me know
  2. NLEC

    NLEC Well-known Member

    In all honesty, you will get far better results from direct seeding, or direct seedling planting from seed grown yourself with innoculant. I think last time we purchased the seed we got it for $50 a kilo...thats a hell of alot of seed! :)
  3. SueC

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    We bought 1000 bare-rooted seedlings about 40cm length (roots&lopped-back top) from a now defunct nursery in Bridgetown for $100 and they were couriered out to us in two bags. We had prepared the ground with glyphosate in a 1m wide strip to kill the grass three weeks before. We received the seedlings in August, which is actually a bit late in the planting season (but at least post frost, which was good) but they did fine without any kind of watering. We just used an adze to make small holes about 20cm deep and stuck the root end in that. All we had to do then is top-up weed control for a year, then they suppressed the grass under them themselves.

    The tagasaste was fenced off from the start to stop animals stripping it. 3m between fences in rows around paddocks. At a year old they were as tall as us and needed the first top pruning to encourage bushiness. The horses and cattle started eating whatever branches came close to the fence. A hot wire will keep them from pruning material too close to the main stems. At two years old they went to 2.5-3m even with repeated top pruning, but you have to keep at it to stop them getting too thin at the bases.

    Elders Weekly etc, and online, carry ads for fodder tree nurseries.

    I'm not sure how cuttings go, has anyone tried that?

    NLEC - where did you get the inoculant? Did you direct seed, or seed into cells and transplant? Spacings? Weed control? Time of seeding? Any need to score, refrigerate or pre-treat the seed for better germination?

    Mad Arab - there are some tagasaste growing at the roadside near the corner of Roberts and Robinson Rd that should have loads of seeds on just now. There's no harm collecting the seeds as they are a declared weed. But before you take cuttings, better to check with the person who planted them as a screen; their driveway is right at the corner. There are also very mature tagasaste on Grey Street coming off Hanrahan Rd heading up the hill towards town, on the left, roadside near the bush reserve.
  4. MadArab

    MadArab New Member

    thanks guys NLEC I would also be very interest to hear about how to grow the seeds. I'll get down to robinson and pick some:):)*

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