swollen knee - treatment??

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Lovemyhorse, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Lovemyhorse

    Lovemyhorse New Member

    i have a competition this weekend and my horse has a slightly swollen front knee

    is dexapent the best thing to get swelling down

    is bute ok

    when are the swabbing cut off periods

    anything else that i could do??

    ice it?
  2. pugjoey

    pugjoey New Member

    Hi There I would recommend you get a vet to look at it.What has caused the swelling and maybe it is not safe to compete on it this weekend.You could end up doing more harm:)
  3. purplepony

    purplepony Active Member

    I wouldn't use bute this close to competition as I think it will show up in a swab. Seeing a vet is porbbaly recommended if you don't know the cause, if you know it's from something silly like a bump or kick in the feild, i suggest regular walks (in hand, not ridden), regular cold treatment, and giving him a few days off from being ridden. I'm assuming he's not lame? If he is call the vet to be safe.
    Perhaps someone like Jess from Equestricare can help as well? might be worth a call...
  4. Lovemyhorse

    Lovemyhorse New Member


    he is not sore on it

    so was trying to save on vet costs

    so any ideas would be welcome
  5. norrishbex

    norrishbex Well-known Member

    Bute is swabbable for quite some time, so wouldn't use that.

    Your best bet is to get the vet to have a look, and if there is at all any doubt at all, scratch out of the comp. It is better to pull out of this comp than to have it get worse and have to pull out for the rest of the year.

    As my mummy always says, "Its better to be safe than sorry"
  6. TB4Me

    TB4Me Well-known Member

    Bad idea to not call the vet.
    Do it already, it might cost a whole lot more to treat it sooner rather than later if you're unlucky and it turns out to be something serious.
    And if the vet gives the all clear, you can still compete.
  7. SpArTiAn

    SpArTiAn Well-known Member

    my horse only had a slightly swollen knee and wasn't sore on it either and took him to vets for x rays and he had cracked his splint bone ... even the vet was suprised.

    i'd get your vet to look at it.
  8. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    If the knee is swollen and there doesn't appear to be any lameness or soreness then that is perhaps even more worrying then a lame horse with a swollen knee!! I ultrasound a lot of horses that could have healed quicker had they been rested more when something did not appear quite right.
    If you are desperately trying to save yourself the cost of a vet at least call a vet and ask them their opinion? **)
  9. astraia

    astraia Guest

    Whatever you do, do NOT give dexapent and bute at the same time. You can get severe side-effects.
    Both drugs will potentially still be swabbable within 7 days (especially bute) depending on the dose and route given.

    If your horse is not lame then there is no indication for drugs. You are better off not giving drugs and monitoring the horse closley for lameness. If you give drugs that mask a lameness and then work the horse you can do a lot of damage before you realise. Both drugs should only ever be administered under veterinary guidance.

    I would use cold therapy (cold hosing / icing) the knee, resting the horse and monitoring the swelling. If it does not resolve within 2-3 days or if the horse goes lame then seek veterinary advice.

    Depending on what your competition is you may not be able to compete anyway if your horse has a visible injury so put your horse's welfare first.

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