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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Andhi, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Andhi

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    Jazz sweats in the float - its a nervous sweat.
    You take her off the float and you think that she has gone on a long hard ride.
    Once she gets to her destination she calms right down and isn't stressed at all.

    Is there anything I can do/give to her to make her journey's easier?
    She walks straight onto the float, and doesn't scramble, though she doesn't like standing still for long periods of time.

    Or will I just have to ensure that i arrive at the shows in plenty of time that i can wash/sponge her down before her classes?
  2. supersezabell

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    float her lots and lots! Seriously, my boy used to be like that...but that was after he'd had a fall in the float and it took about 6 months of floating every fortnight or so for him to realise that going in a float means we're going to do fun stuff like jumping etc.
  3. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Why did I know that was going to be the answer lol.
    now if only i had a car that could pull a float and if only I had a float lol
  4. You'll have to do what I used to in your situation. Find as many friends with floats as possible who wouldn't mind coming to your place for a little 'float training'. If you have 4 friends, and one comes each weekend, you're only asking them to come once a month. More friends, less often so that they don't feel put out.

    Im sure stockies with floats in your area won't mind helping you out, especially if you offer petrol money.

    Perhaps start off by just taking Jazz for a drive around the block nice and gently.

    Then progress to trips to the beach or somewhere she can go on a nice relaxing trail ride, or just to graze for an hour.

    Soon she'll learn to associate it with pleasant things.

    And finally, see if you can borrow a friend's car & float overnight. Put it in her paddock, and put her feed and water in there. She'll work it out in her own good time with no pressure and will soon learn that the float is a safe place to be.

    Thats what we do with our wildies that have never seen a float before!

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