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  1. cobmum

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    I am considering providing a home to a horse with a slight swayback.

    If the horse is ridable and vet confirms no cushings then apart form saddling can this cause any issues?

    Horse would be used for light trail riding and light schooling only. Obviously if i was to ride i would do strengthening exercises first!
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    Shouldn't be too much of a problem if only slight. One of the girls on here, Lauren used to event her swaybacked mare before she was retired. The swaybacked 28 year old mare where I agist still goes out for a trail or beach ride every morning! She's sound and looks good.
  3. Lucksta

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    Yes I have a mare (now retired) with a pretty bad sway back.
    Saddle fitting was a bit of a pain, however we eventually found something and I use to use special saddle blankets as well.
    She use to get bowen done every 6 weeks, and chiro every 12.
    She really struggled to collect or work correctly, but she never showed any signs of pain and was perfectly happy even at 25 to canter around a xc course.

    This is my mare..

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