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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by jessg, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Just wanted to know if Sunninghill Equestrian Centre is still open in Stoneville? I am having trouble finding any info on them. They are right around the corner from where i live. Also if they are open does anyone know the costs of agistment and if they do riding lessons? And how does it compare to Zia Park.

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    I don't think it's open for agistment anymore, I remember when it was it was extortionately expensive. None of their horses are ever in their paddocks either, they seem to be stabled 24/7 which is a shame. They are on Riley Road in Stoneville.

    Zia Park has great facilities BUT some of the paddocks are pretty small and not much weather protection, the big paddocks are lovely but that is more of a DIY set up, very little hay given, no rugging etc. Fine for some but not for a more high maintenance horse. I think they've gotten pretty expensive too, but as I said facilities are fantastic! Showjump arena under lights, dressage arena with good drainage and excercise track around the entire property.

    I moved from there to a smaller private property and got a better deal. Go do a door knock around some of the less horse populated properties in stoneville/mount helena, alot of people do take in agisters, you just have to ask.
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    I just came across this old message and thought I would update the status at Sunninghill Equestrian Centre. Sunninghill changed ownership in 2016 and is now once again open for agistment. We offer full board agistment with two daily feeds, rugging, and anything else your horse requires as we cater to your horse's individual needs, including medical conditions.

    The facilities are all high quality, there is a covered round yard and outdoor arena as well as a massive indoor arena for comfortable riding in all weather, under lights, and to music. The outdoor arena also has floodlights for evening riding and directly across from the property runs the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail for horse safe trail riding.

    For full details you can contact us on 9295 4176 or see what others are saying about us on Facebook - Sunninghill Equestrian Indoor Arena and Stockfeed.

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