Summer Series Dressage

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    No, that is only if you want to go official and have a card and accrue points....
    Just do the training tests :)
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    Perth population has doubled over past few years yet number of shows is way down - Gone are the days of choosing which show of several you might attend on any given sunday. Cost plays the largest part in this and greed is a factor. it seems everybody wants more than last time because they are suffering too.Volenteer Judges have almost vanished and venues want more and more. The SEC obviously has high costs and will soon lose most of it's support from normal riders at which time the wealthy riders will be left with no one to beat at comps.Horse owners are at war with rising costs,councils and Goverment and are losing badly !!!!!!! E.G Did you know that at least 5 pony clubs are in danger of losing their grounds ? These clubs hold a lot of open shows and events are a lot cheaper to enter. Another problem is riders who convince themselves that local judges are bias etc etc which causes clubs to seek Eastern state judges to get entries up -At a show last year this cost just under $8000 ! Yes Eight Grand -Competitors pay for this.I don't have the answers other than support your local shows and judges and adjust your expectations.

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