Suitable First Towing Car?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Lauren, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    :) I'm looking for a car suitable for towing which isn't going to cost an arm and a leg to run. Preferably a V6. Any recommendation? What's the max km's I should look at? And I'll be buying second-hand with a price limit of $10,000.. don't want to get a loan for any more than that.

    This is for in about 2 months time, so don't want it to turn into an advertising thread as I'm not currently ready to buy just investigating haha.
  2. Hayley

    Hayley Well-known Member

    I dont know the answer to your question, but this thread has made me have a question of my own. Can a Magna V6 tow a horse float?
  3. Jessie_13

    Jessie_13 Well-known Member

    I just bought a Holden Commodore tows beautifully and was $ all the interest...but I love careful though some don't tow as well as others, so look around!
  4. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Ford Falcon Wagon on gas with transmission cooling and a reece hitch.
  5. opsnormal

    opsnormal Active Member

    It all comes down to the weight towing capacity of the car. A magna (depending what model) will tow 1500kgs (braked) and 500 (not braked). So be very careful as by the time you have the float (700-800kgs) plus horse plus gear you will be pushing the limits. I personally wont tow anything less then 2000kgs, but the float I use is quite light.

    Especially just starting out, you will want something with the extra guts to get you out of sticky situations....
  6. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Lauren, the Falcon has the highest towing capacity of any sedan and you could get a fairly reasonable one in your price range. A good 4WD is always the best but $10,000 won't get you anything really decent.

    Hayley, my Granddad's V6 Magna (2001 model) happily towed 1 horse. The official tow capacity for them is 1,500kgs so I wouldn't tow a double with 2 horses with it but I towed 1 horse and a light double (probably about 1,400kgs total) back from Bunbury with it and it did the job easy and well.
  7. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    ford falcon 6 cylinder...they are great! you should be able to get an EF for under $5K or a nice AU for under $10K.

    I just upgraded from my EF to a BA series 2 for $11k, it tows very nice :)
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Thanks :)
    I'm hoping to find someone who will give me some lessons and also do some runs without a horse in.. Than I'll only be towing 1 horse (my own) until I'm 100% confident.

    So the Ford Falcon? I'll google it haha, I'm car-illiterate so have no idea which one that is :p
  9. crumpetsrntyum

    crumpetsrntyum Well-known Member

    We just bought an AU on gas and petrol for $1000. Its in great condition, and tows a double float with my fatty in it just fine. I've driven with both the horses in it too and it didn't miss a beat, though I've only done it once. Take someone who knows about cars with you when you go to look at them :)
  10. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Ohhh, I know which one they are now.
    How many km's do they get up to? Looking on gumtree now, alot are in the high 200'skm range?
    Dad bought me a Daewoo Lano's which has done 76,000km however it's a manual and plus I really want a car that can tow :p So I'm hoping Dad lets me sell it so I can put the money towards a towing car
  11. crumpetsrntyum

    crumpetsrntyum Well-known Member

    They can do a ton of kms, and from what Jeremy and his dad say you can pick up a new or recon engine for a couple of hundred dollars, which is awesome (if you have someone to put it in for you) Parts are also pretty cheap, we've been looking around lately
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  12. opsnormal

    opsnormal Active Member

    Get in while there are still hail damaged cars around, some fabulous deals to be had if you are'nt fussy on the panel.
  13. Animosity

    Animosity Well-known Member

    I tow with a ford falcon. My float is a big extended double and the car has no worries at all. I'm still getting my own car with a 10k price range too. You can get falcons for around 5k at the moment! I'm looking for a hardy ute though. I like the new falcon utes, they are about 20k for a new one, so might look for a second hand, or just save a bit more. **)
  14. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Years ago I drove ford falcon taxi's some of them had up to 700 thou on the clock it depends on the history take a good mechanic with you to check out cars and always ask to see the log books :)
  15. feather feet

    feather feet Well-known Member

    we have dragged our GQ patrol across the nullabour to QLD twice while towing 2 tonne of quads no problems at all..and it costs less to run than our vx commodore,and under 6k to buy..we will never part with the ol girl**)
  16. katers93

    katers93 Well-known Member

    Hayley- We tow a float with a mitsubishi Magna. A bit hard to tow two horses with and only do it for extremely short journeys, but is fine with one
  17. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Some of the hail damaged 4wd's a bloody awesome bargains!!!

    When looking at 2nd hand cars, I consider less than 20,000 km's per year of it's life to be a fair goal to aim for. This means that they haven't been driven tooooo much.

    My 1996 Explorer was just $5000 off ebay (and had only done 84,000 km :D It has every mod con as it's a deluxe model and it tows the horses like they aren't even there :) Just the tyres are expensive :( Same car in the caryards is around $10K. So best to shop around (I know you will :p)
  18. ashes88

    ashes88 Well-known Member

    the ppl who know me at pony club and shows know i use to have a 91 red ford ute on gas and fuel (looked like crap)it use to tow nicely but i couldnt trust it in the end to pull 2 horses in a float but got rid of it and bought a 93 nissan patrol gas and fuel a few months back for $9000 and i love it it tows beautifully!!!
  19. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    It will take me 20 years of shopping around like my ball dress.
    Wonder if Mum would notice if $5000 of her credit card went missing :p
  20. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    DO NO - I repeat...DO NOT GET A HOLDEN TO TOW. I love holdens - but they have a different chassis design, and are therefore not rated very well for towing at at all.

    I have one....and I tow illegally most of the time I tow 2 me I

    Your engine can handle it - but the body will not get the tow rating.

    So I highly suggest for peice of mind - get a ford.

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