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Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Jez, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    So as to not mess up the other thread...I find myself in a spot of bother. Impulsiveness got the better of me and I kind of ... well... forgot about Giant and booked myself a spur of the moment dive trip to somewhere that no one has ever heard of (think 18 hours by boat after 4 x planes)..

    Sensitive creatures these men are. It was late at night and I simply forgot about him - I forgot lots of things like, return ticket (fixed that now) exactly how to get to island in middle of nowhere etc etc.

    Because I forgot most countries get all out of shape about one way tickets and im leaving in a few days it was left to my organised and mature sister to get me home cos Julia Gillard wont let me in if I arrive back by boat however...I also forgot about his birthday. So, I get back to Aus at 2am on his birthday (that makes it I DID get home for his bday - correct?) so I dont need to suck up so hard for that but the whole forgetting about him thing....but what?

    I was going to book him a fishing charter for 5 days up to Montebellos..doesnt want to do that. Skydiving..done that before no need to do it again. V8 Hotlaps - not interested. Stunt flights - cant do because he exceeds size limit *#) - so anyone got any ideas?

    He hasnt had a drink for almost 2 years so I cant grab a bottle of anything going thru duty free, doesnt need a watch because the little mildly kidnapped in cambodia episode (my fault) meant I had to buy him something good to stop him sulking out of ideas..HELP.

    Has to be something I can organise here before wednesday...
  2. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    where are you based/where can you travel to?
  3. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Im in Perth...I can travel anywhere - but this particular trip i will be between ambon, west papua and sulawesi so pretty remote. He gets his holidayage every 6months when I take him on a trip but he doesnt seem to want to travel something other than travel?
  4. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    pm'd you **)
  5. Bushmanwatts

    Bushmanwatts Well-known Member

    Buy Him a boat and new 4wd drive to tow it
  6. feather feet

    feather feet Well-known Member

    something to do with fitness..he likes that..mabey a Muay Thai training session/holiday for a week in a jungle in the middle of Thailand somewhere?
  7. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    i am guessing there is only ONE thing he wants !!!!!!!!!!
    so wrap a beautiful bow around yourself and spend it with him doing what ever he wants to do :)
  8. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    Dare i say it, but i think the gift you are looking for is worded in the title of your thread ;)*#)
  9. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    ROLMFAOOOOOOO @ you two smash and sambo...i did consider that when I wrote thread title. I used to work with a dear old lady who had a motto..IF at first you dont succeed, suck I realise the old bat was quite good at the play on words thing.

    BMW - hes got a three year old troopy so no new car for him...and no boat either..i may be the engine tugging this gravy train (sucking, tugging, is there a common theme here) but I draw the limit on this one at anything over two grand. This is just a small trip, if i set a precedence of a thousand bucks on this one what is my round the world trip going to cost me? *#)

    FF - We almost live in bloody thailand! He wouldnt do the muay thai camps because a) the food is pretty austere b) the food quantaties are thai sized and c) they dont have big enough dumbells (any dumbell less than 40kg is for girls!)....we often check out muay thai camps and schools while he is looking for a gym in each new province we go to...and we only have Songkhla to go. Ive been to Songkhla he hasnt and its same same but different.

    Hes a bit hard to buy for the dear precious. One kind person suggested a chopper ride..which after working offshore for 20 years wouldnt cut it either cos he is sick of ''kerosine canaries''.

    Maybe I should smuggle some human growth hormone or something back 6'5 and 105kg hes always saying he wants to be bigger :rolleyes: - doesnt everyone hit 7 foot at 53?
  10. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Jez - are you trying to find him something to keep him busy whilst you're away or a b'day present.
    Cause I'm kinda thinking if it is a Bday pressie it should be something that incudes you. He sounds like the kinda guy that 'likes' doing stuff with his lady in which case why not take a leaf out of Tempos book & have a saucy weekend for 2 in Margaret River?
  11. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Tried that one too Flogga, asked him to come up to Indo for the weekend, said I would go down to Lembongan and meet him there if he flew in Fri night and could get back to Perth sunday and he said....who is going to feed the dogs...I mean really, we only have 7 dogs now..fuss pot he is.
  12. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Pffft - no pleasing the man :rolleyes:

    As I was all out of ideas I asked the wisest one in my house - the 5 year old what he thought you should do.

    His suggestion was to give him some paper & a few pencils so he can do some drawing. He should (apparently ) put these to good use drawing ... flowers :D
  13. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    I could suggest somewhere in Margaret River (actually Metricup) where you can take the dogs if you were interested in doing this.... :D
  14. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    you know jez, when you are the outside person looking in, the answer really does scream at you.
    change YOUR plans and be with him, he doesnt want to fly anywhere to be with you on HIS birthday, he wants YOU to move the earth to be with HIM.
    you can reschedule your "impulsive adventure" to another time but his birthday is his birth date.
    you might not expect him do do the same for you, but if he did, it would make it all the more SPECIAL.

  15. Jode

    Jode Well-known Member

    Smash if you were friends with Jez on the forbidden site you'd know what a saga this trip has become :p

    Jez....sign a contract, in blood if need be, promising sexual slavery of his choosing upon your return. Pay for his next 12 months gym membership and a subscription to his favourite mag...I don't know, say, 'Sites to Avoid off the Beaten Track in SW WA'. That may float.

    In the meantime, grab the high moral ground with both hands and defend it fiercely. He'll end up so peeved and bemused by your stubborn refusal to cave he'll just about be grateful when you get your backside on a plane simply so he gets a reprieve.

    If all else fails, come live with my man instead. He doesn't give a sh*t about birthdays and would be completely unfazed that you'd forgotten...and likely he'd appreciate me a little more after spending a week around you :D
  16. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    whats a forbidden site ???
  17. Follyfoot

    Follyfoot New Member

    Smash, I have the same question.
  18. RustyRidge Clydesdales

    RustyRidge Clydesdales Well-known Member

    FB social networking ;)
  19. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Actually Ladies, im glad I got some opinions, but watching a PG Movie (Zookeeper) tonight at the movies I started psychoanalysing myself to a Lionel Ritchie song.

    Easy - Lionel Richie - YouTube

    WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE PUT CHAINS ON ME?? - I guess i forgot his ticket on purpose. To be honest - and honest with myself - I guess theres a bit more to it. Until I met the Giant on a beach in thailand, getting bored and booking a ticket to some strange place was something I did every couple of months. Travelling alone keeps me on the edge, I feel ALIVE when im travelling, taking big bites out of life, I admit im an adventure junkie.
    When we met, I was diving alone. He thought that was an awesome thing for a woman to do. Since we hooked up back in Aus..I havent spent a night away from him and its been driving me INSANE. Yes, travelling with someone is fun, hes great to travel with, i never tell him where we are going and he never complains (well, except for vietnam, he yelled GET ME OUT OF THIS COUNTRY NOW..but that was justified, his arse was rotting and he got stuck in the tunnels at Cu Chi). But hes just so bloody organised. Packing..everything in ziplock bags and compartments..setting alarms so we dont miss flights...I LIKE MISSING FLIGHTS!..I think its a combination of his organised, methodical, routine loving personality and my total lack of any form of organisation - if i have a passport, a wetsuit and money thats all i need..I found myself last trip doing things a bit differently to accomodate him. He likes to find a gym and lift his weights so I book hotels with gyms. He likes to do his workout early so Ive been staying away from jaunts out to find the creatures of the night (which is usually why i end up missing planes) and ......arghh i hate saying this...hes 53, he doesnt do 4 flights in a day well so I spread out things a bit more. Me alone, id do 4 flights and crawl onto the 18 hour ferry without a problem.

    So why do I feel guilty?..He knew I do this when he met it fair for someone to expect you to totally change what makes you YOU when you get into a relationship?. Ive been good, yes we do the weekly shopping on a thursday, yes we do build a vegie garden, yes we check the calendar to work out when the dogs need their next flea treatment.....AND ITS DRIVING ME NUTS....I want to break free. But am I being selfish in wanting him too? You dont buy a bird and never let it fly.

    Arghhh all too hard ';'
  20. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    Jez - please read the above to Giant then hop on your plane.

    It should be all he needs to know & should already know ;)

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