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  1. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Ok, I am not having a go at Mods I am just very confused about what should go where now. Things posted in Open are getting regularly moved so I am guessing I am not the only one who is confused either.

    Are there any guidelines on what goes in each subforum? A few I would have thought were obvious but after some of the threads being moved into or out of those subforums I am no longer sure.

    Is Open only for N/H stuff now? And are clinics not considered Events? Is Breeding for anything to do with a breed/s regardless of whether it has to do with future generations?

    Please forgive me Mods if it should be obvious, I really am a blonde... :))
  2. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Guidelines are on the individual forum sections underneath their headings.If people stopped to think instead of the attitude of "oh I'll just throw it in open,that'll do" then you wouldn't see so many moved threads.:}
  3. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Thanks Mod 3... I read those and it didn't help as some of the moved threads didn't fit what was written underneath the headings so I wondered if they had changed?

    Obviously not and I just missed the gist of the threads entirely, off to go and re-read them now :)
  4. Wendy

    Wendy Well-known Member

    Mods - can you say where you're moving a thread to?

    I think sometimes - that heading looks interesting - but then I have to search the other forums for the moved topic, and sometimes the threads seem to go into limbo for a while, because I can't find them until the next time I sign in. :confused:

  5. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Wendy,usually when we shift a thread we will leave a re-direct for that thread but it will expire after a certain amount of time.If you find an interesting thread and want to review it at a later time I suggest you save it to your subscribed threads in your user CP so then it can be found regardless of whether it is shifted or not.
    Threads do not go into limbo unless the thread has been deleted(in which case you won't find it anywhere).
  6. Wendy

    Wendy Well-known Member

    Sorry - never knew what "subscribed threads" meant, but will try to remember for future use. There's a lot on here I don't/can't use.

    For example, I read some information about a week ago about different methods of treating wounds, one of which was using vinegar, something I was told about years ago but had forgotten.

    When I tried to find it to show a friend, I couldn't find the right thread so I did a search using the word vinegar, but everything that came up was years old. (I haven't tried again today).

    What do they say about old dogs and new tricks? :D
  7. Sam & Max

    Sam & Max Well-known Member

    Really LOL....How do u do this....I just went and had a look and still cant figure it out hehe.....See Wendy its not just you :)......If I want a thread kept I usually email the link to myself and it sits in a folder in my email
  8. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
  9. Sam & Max

    Sam & Max Well-known Member

    Hehe fanks :) easy peasy done!! never seen those links b4 LOL
  10. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    As said to someone this week....I do have a little giggle when I see, "Oh I am putting this in Open cos I don't think enough people read the subforums" Haha, way to annoy the Mods! :eek:
  11. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Errr Wattle didn't you post photo's of your filly in open once and it was moved to the breeding section so you deleted your thread???
  12. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Yes and?? What has that to do with my comment? I actually didn't realise that it had to be in the breeding section as I was just sharing some pics from the day?

    I deleted it because my pics weren't about breeding or my filly's bloodlines etc in my opinion.

    Perhaps you need an extra teaspoon of sugar in you tea today Arnie??:confused::))
  13. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    Wattle that makes total sense to me. I don't get why the "Standardbred Spam" thread which has nothing to do with breeding horses, has been moved over to the breeding horses sub-forum?

    Maybe there should be a photo subforum - for all threads started that include photos and maybe a 'Breed' subforum for all breed related threads seeing as these are the two main ones that keep getting put into 'Open' because that's often these threads are not 'Riding' or 'Breeding Horses' threads?
  14. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Ohhh and maybe this thread needs to be in Forum Management & Operation :D

    I read all the I'd find it :D
  15. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    yep there is some things i think why did that get moved like that SB one.
    i thought breeding was for breeding questions,
    horse riding was for that.
    not if i put a pic of me riding my horse just to update then it moves to riding when it has nothing to do with riding its just a pic.
  16. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Happy now??
  17. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    hahaha ummm yes :D

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