stupid question maybe, but...

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Shandeh, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Merlin

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  2. Heifer

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    Would love to see :)
    (4 beat canter isnt the only movement trait/flaw stbreds possess)

    And Arnie et al - I had my reasons, not that I have to justify them to you ;)
  3. Cassy Horse

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    But he is also not pure standardbred so that would help :)
  4. celestialdancer

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    True Cassy Horse, but I did witness him pacing when he was a baby.
    He still has/had STB traits :)
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    This thread has just reminded me why I dont come on here much anymore. Please be nice people :}
  6. Elanda

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    bit of useless info...
    According to the last judging seminar with EWA this is no longer in place...up to the judge what they consider more important. I like the idea of having the 60/40
  7. princeton

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    He is not an official quality horse.

    Simple as that. :)

    In another thread you were quibbling over the cost of refitting his saddle so that he could be schooled in something that wasnt tipping over his shoulder and lifting 5cm off his you are saying you dont understand and dont agree with the clipping, boning, dyeing etc that goes along with official....Why even bother then when you say you prefer watching the jumping?

    I know the horse you are talking about Gaia that had been washed in black really couldnt see a trace of the brand, I had wondered on the day if it was allowed too?
    Not that I care, lovely horse and all. :)*
  8. Merlin

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    I don't think Judges have ever really gone by this if there is a "type" that they really like it could stand on it's head in Hay street and still win ;)
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