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    Sorry hun but not official material... Why not go to the STB shows to start with and see if you beat the pants off them? cos ultimately that's your real competition, the judges for those shows KNOW Stb's, if your horse is quality then you will win everything, then I'd think about if you're ready for official. Apart from that offical is REALLY expensive!
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    Well said Halligan.

    Shandeh, why don't you make your goal for this boy to learn as much as you can, teach him as much as you can and have fun at the Standardbred and unofficial shows. If you aspire to one day do official, save your money and one day once you have learned all you can at those, then find the right horse to take you official.

    The Standardbred shows are VERY competitive, its nothing to be ashamed of winning at them! If you aren't competitive at them you will not be competitive officially.
  3. :eek:
    HAHA thats pretty much completly normal in the hack ring for greys :}
    Its normal to dark out there eyes area muzzle and legs...But not legs if the pony has lost its grey tips and gone completly (white)
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  5. Im gathering hes bay?? Just standys...common haha. even though I even saw a grey a while ago...anyway. SHOW PONY DYE. ive seen people cover up white scars ;)
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    There's chestnut paint too. Used it on my mare a couple of times, dyed the area out completely. Covering up his brand would be easily done.
    Agree with everyone else, not official quality there. Don't worry K, neither is Rahni, or Gracie, Rosie wasn't, Rocky wasn't, many horses aren't! I didn't buy my horses to hack, and you didn't buy Latte to go official, so don't get upset about everyone saying that he isn't up for it, he just isn't :)

    I think it is a GREAT thing that you have a goal, and are aiming for it. Yes it's a little high, but it is a goal. At the end of the day, he's your horse. Do some Breed shows, STB shows, go unofficial hacking, and if you want, try him official. Blow us all away. All of this, is your decision to make, we can only give you advice, but you don't have to follow it!

    I rode Gazza for a while, and although he had a four beat canter, and his head was huge, his belly large, his legs less than awesome, scars and battlewounds all over him, I loved him for everything he gave to me. He gave me confidence, and courage. And he looked after me. I love STB's, and although Gazza was worked properly all the time, he was bloody hard work! I didn't even bother to canter in my dressage test at one ODE, there was no point stressing him when his legs were being so uncoordinated! Still got marks for the shape of my circle, his flexion and bend, and his self-carriage and movement. Dressage might be more Latte's thing ;)
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    I think that doing well in the Standy Assoc would be an achievement in itself! The quality and they way they present is second to none! I take my hat off to the people competing in that Association - the turnout is sensational. If you can dominate there, have a go at Official **)

    Good luck
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    Sadly I would have to agree with the majority here and say ( having seen the photos) that you would be hard pressed to compete at official hacking with your Standy. He seems a nice enough sort but he just wouldn't rate in official...neck brand or not. Unofficial and/or Standy shows would definitely be your best option.
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    K, PM me **)
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    call me oldfashioned but i think any animal should be shown in its natural state i know all this enhancing happens and i dont think it fair to the people who dont do it ok chalk the white thats already on them and black the feet i know i will catch hell for this but if you have to dye and add tails and fake stars then maybe you shouldnt show the animal conformation and movement are what win or should be only my opinion of course
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    darn 10 character rule...
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    Like :)*:)) And get rid of all the face makeup and shaved off whiskers.

  13. Shandeh

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    And boned out ears!! Sure, trim the hair so it's neat and tidy, but don't remove all of it.

    I personally don't mind face makeup though - my horse being wild bay his black bits are more of a dark grey. Be much more striking if they were actually black LOL
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    If you are competing in unofficial I dont think it would matter if you covered the brand or not....that would just be personal choice.

    If you are competing official...well firstly, when the horse is officially measured, they need to see the brand for identifying purposes do they not???

    Whilst I know there are a few standardbreds out there who I believe would totally kick some backside in the official ring - ie: they work correctly, turned out immaculately, are correct and move beautifully and also have decent backsides and more correct conformation compared to a lot of hacks out there at the moment....I feel the stigmatisation of "standardbreds" would really be hard for a lot of people to get over in the official ring, especially with being able to see the brand. I personally think a standardbred would not be "accepted" into the official ring by most if the brand was visible no matter how stunning the horse is.
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    Show horse is just that, presentation is very important including the makeup, trimming etc. If you aren't prepared to do it, then official hacking certainly isn't for you. If you prefer a more 'natural' presentation, go dressage or unofficial. To win at official, its about everything coming together and that includes presentation.
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    I went and had a look at the first batch of photos you have put up in the training thread.

    Just based on looks, he should do well in unofficial, if you spruced him up a bit. He looks to have a nice head, but is a little long in the back. But I reckon with a shaved tail (will someone please help me bring back a plaited tail as the fashion LOL), a clip, thin his mane out and some super plaits, he could give others a run for their money.

    If you can get him jumping nicely, you could also do well in unoffical hunter.

    Unfortunately for official, the length in his back will let him down amongst other things.

    I would still be inclined to hide his brand if possible.

    Showing is about 'prettiness'. Its a flat out beauty contest. A horse only has to complete 60% of a workout to be judged. Its also about an individual judge's perceptions. So it can run around for 40% of the time with its front feet off the ground, but as long as its shown a few nice paces, then it can be judged.

    Our anglo arab did well in unofficial, though he was too narrow in the chest, and even when he did a crap workout he came home with champions. Though I swear under he could never to anything right by Mad Cow. LOL Under another judge he could do no wrong. (I think Mad Cow had eyes in the back of her head and guessed that the rule was to ask for a left canter lead when the judge WASNT looking cause he had difficulty with that lead).

    This is of course based on the assumption (and I havent read the whole training thread) that his paces are up to par.
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    True EC but unofficial is also for people who want to get out and have fun and not necessarily just want to win. I am a stickler for presentation but not everyone who wants to just have a fun day out is. There is no reason they can't still go to an unofficial hack day and have fun, as long as they don't expect to clean up with their more natural look.
  20. Excelsior Centerpiece

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    yes agree with this but the OP really wants to go official so that would show to me a desire to win?

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