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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Dinah Fleming, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Dinah Fleming

    Dinah Fleming New Member

    I get really annoyed when I return from warming my horse up to find a horse float or car parked within a meter of my water bucket and hay net leaving no room to tie my horse up. These people are either stupid or deliberately obstructive. If a horse dented a motor vehicle because of some stupids person's parking ignorance I wonder who would be liable???

    The culprit last Sunday had a EFA NCAS coaching sticker!!
  2. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    At osborne park ag show, we had no choice. All the cars had to be crammed in next to each other. very sticky situation and got lots of complaints.

    at most events, there is enough room for horse to be happily fit inbetween. It makes you wonder what people think when they park so close..... you were there first, there stupidity [​IMG]

    It makes you wonder though, if they sell the overflow car park area at brigadoon, i wonder if the insurance companies will mind?

  3. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    i had someone park way too close at the mandurah show last year, when they came back to the car i told them my mare is a kicker & if they kept the car in range, be prepared. they moved the car, very quickly. bit of a lie but hey, got my space back.
  4. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Yeap Dinah, had it at Fairbridge...we got there early to get a close spot...but these people decided they wanted close to, but arrive they parked so close, when we got back from my dressage they were there....and even had the balls to park that close with the other horse there on that side. When i got back, I tried the suttle 'Pretty Close Parking' loud chat with my friend, i told them that the horse they parked next to kickes, bites and is unpredicable. Still not moving. In the end the horse actually parked her butt against their passenger door and kept nudging their mirror. I just left the horse there and said 'Sorry, Told you though'. At the end of the day, we pushed the horses bum away from them so they could leave. hahahaha

  5. Dinah Fleming

    Dinah Fleming New Member

    Thanks guys gIad I am not alone on this one, maybe I should build a yard like everyone else does now and not be old fashion and tie up to the truck!! Cheers Dinah
  6. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    And what about when they have non horsey people directing you to park here and there and they get it all so wrong.... ossie park was the worst, but harvey was not much better....
  7. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    I hate reversing the float so I always park right away from other people, even if it means a 10 min walk to my classes. So I get really mad when someone parks up close to me, coz they generally have metres of space from which to choose!!!

    Someone parked so close to me once that my horse was able to eat their horse's food.
  8. Taryn

    Taryn Well-known Member

    We have the same problems. Seeing as we drive a coaster bus and tow a float, we normally try and park as far from everyone else as possible. Although there were a ton of car, floats and trucks at the Brigadoon last wkend for the junior showcase, despite the lack of room, it looked like everyone managed.

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  9. kam

    kam New Member

    At one of the places i used to agist my horse a lady used to park right up next to the gate to my horses yard. I used to saddle up and groom right next to the gate too. Once he got scared and stepped backwards straight into her car then after a few steps forwards he went straight back again. I ended up paying for the panel beating done on her car. Although i must say she was a bit more cautious about where she parked after that.
  10. valkyrie

    valkyrie New Member

    Hey Kam, I would have made her pay for the panel beating on the horse. Was your horse ok? She shouldn't have been parking there, I really would have kicked up a huge stink about that one. Geeze people can be so dense, how do they remember to breath.
  11. kam

    kam New Member

    Yes, shantith was fine no scratches or bruises just major dents to her car. It was just easier to pay for it as the lady could at times be troublesome (The next two days after the incident both the other horses i was looking after escaped the paddocks they were in. One was a normal occurence although she hadn't done it for a while, the other had never escaped before) and the lady was a major help to me letting my horses out in the morning.

    It wsa very stressful for me though, the lady did not make it very easy.
  12. Raven

    Raven New Member

    Oh boy, can I ever relate to this! I have done the "he kicks/bites" thing on many an occassion. Now, I go for the good old float yards, and get to the venue early, and find my spot.

    Of couse, then you have people walking past the float yards wanting to pat a horse that DOES bite & kick. I am forever asking people to just leave the bloody horses alone! Really, I also ought to tie in the yard too, but I dont fancy pulling out a half dug up chinaman. And when you are parked on a nice green paddock, marshalls give you the evils if your horse starts diggin up thier nice grass!!

    Common sense these days is so lacking.

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