strappers or track riders?

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by trippa, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Beauvelour

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    So very very true!!!! Again im not trying to start anything but i have my strappers and i have ridden for a few trainers (not track work tho) I dnt like the fast work and trust me there is a "knack" for holding them.

    As Jez said its no good doing track work if your cant stay head to head or cant stop them hanging or knowing your times......I say every yr that im not riding racehorses......guess what im doing 2 mornings a week.....riding racehorses down the beach lol. I love the strapping part and leading them at the races
  2. Love my horses

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    I am with tain too!! The other thing is that not everybody is lucky enough to get good trainers that put them on safe horses. Some people get thrown up on these loonies that they know absolutely nothing about, and have problems. I think down the track some horses get known for being naughty, and a lot of people will steer clear of these rides, so all the new people trying to learn get thrown up on them not knowing any better. And then struggling with them and have people saying they are bad riders!
    U need to start off slowly, which I think sarah, amy and I were lucky with, we were put on nice horses for our first gallops (am I correct guys, I know I certainly was, I had equity first!! ) And so you can learn and build up slowly. At the end of the day, some of these horses are going to be pigs no matter who the rider is or how experienced. Remember, even good jocks fall off and struggle with horses! I have seen it happen!!
  3. intendeli

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    man -- u got a good memory K!! i cant remember mine -- and yes we were lucky/ and for me this is all i want out of it -- to work for a good trainer who i trust, and who in turn trusts me!!

    we gotta catch up to one of these days @)
  4. Tain

    Tain Well-known Member

    Yup, Hail Marty:)* lol!
    AND Equity k ;)

    I do know what Jez is saying though.... there is the odd rider (and jock) that I would love to drag of the ponies and Voodoo, lol!

    But it's the same as anything really where theres good theres bad.

    All I can recommend is to spend some time at the track watching.... watch the Michael Freethy's of the world turn the hardarse pullers into butter....
    Watch the odd wildy horse at the crossovers, they tend to be the same riders but also tend to be for two different reasons: a) the rider is harassing, but the trainer cant get another rider... or b) the rider on the horse is one of a handful of riders that the good trainers call upon to fix an issue, or work closely with a tricky animal (who is probably popping fit, very young, strong, and top full of feed)

    -when you see an incident, who is the rider? who is the trainer? how are the stewards reacting (with admiration or disgust- they see more than anyone every day)? does the horse look haunted or buttwipey?

    Then walk the lines and watch the riders who discuss the horses, and know them, as opposed to the one's who ride on a theory of 'flyby', lol!

    The top trainers will treat their good riders like gold and guard them accordingly....

    -and they do;)

    It's a great job for those who are so inclined.... and you are done by 9:30am (that includes back trackers, lol!)

    ps: I have this theory that Kel has an araldite arse, lol!:p
    -prob get a whack for that in the am, lol!
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  5. Love my horses

    Love my horses New Member

    For sure sarah! There is certainly a difference between a scared horse and a ratbag! And I think that can be one of the hardest things to figure out. Thats what I love about it though, it is almost like horse phsycology, trying to figure out the difference. And there is normally more to it then 'it is just being this way cause its a pig.' I think some of these horses are misundertood. I wouldn't stop riding race horses for anything, I am having too much fun doing it, and I love a good challenge! As amy and sarah know!! :p
  6. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Hang on a sec Misskel and MLP, re read my post in the context of the answer to the original poster and those who said "I can hang on thru anything"........THIS attitude is what I dont want on my horses. As far as crappy jockeys harming horses Misskel, report that to the stewards. As Tain said, its a team thing...pick your jockey.

    Theres jockeys who i would not put on a camel let alone a runner. Theres trackriders who I'd happily hire as jockeys if they still had their licences to ride in races. Without naming names, ive refused a couple of suggested riders who have come back from ten year suspensions, no matter how "nice" hands they have. No matter how good with the babies they are, if your rubbed out for ten years, your dirty, simple as that.

    And yes Misskel, Froggy and Damien have both ridden the expensiveone in trackwork - not every morning, they dont have to, they were looking for ride potential. Flipside, If X jockey well known for his hard hitting asked for the ride, no matter how many group ones he has under his belt, the answer would prefer to engage another rider thanks.

    Dont take things that are a generalisation personally - in the original post the query was how do you go about becoming a trackrider....from an owners viewpoint, I PERSONALLY prefer consistancy with trackriders and jockeys, i like to know the person up there knows my horse well and can tell if hes feeling good or not. As you would know misskel if youve been trackriding 17 is about a team effort with the owner IMO playing the least part in the end result....and people have opinions - you are as good as your last run, nothin more nothin less.
  7. misskel

    misskel Well-known Member

    I never said anything about jockeys harming horses Jez. I just said I have seen many that would have as much horsemanship as my left foot.
  8. CharlieChick

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    i have just started trainning to become a jockey and my trainner only puts me on the quite horse, but i have herd that some trainers put the apreentice one the nuts.
  9. Sabalicious

    Sabalicious Active Member

    i am a strapper and track rider

    I am 6foot and about 62kg and i am very light on them people dnt seem to mind as previously said up to 80kg track work just not race riding. As for strapping you can be any height and weight as long as you have your wits about u all the time and can handle difficult hyper horses on display. good luck also if you are looking for a position let me know might be able to help you out
  10. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    I may be starting to ride track in the mornings
    I went and bought a horse off a trainer this morning, and for seeing what he is like I jumped on and did what he would do if he was still to be a galloper, he is only a baby, just turned 3, and I handled him easily and in result bought him,
    I am going back on monday morning and another undecided morning to ride all the horses that I would be riding to see if I can handle them
    I am really looking forward to it and hope it works out
    I am used to riding nutty, bucking, rearing, shying horses and I am pretty strong, so hopefully all goes well
  11. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    trippa I used to be soooo jealous of my 5ft sisters cos I wanted to be a jockey. Now I appreciate my 5'8 height cos I am able to work easily with tall horses who think they can stick their head up to avoid bridles :D
  12. Dark Embrace

    Dark Embrace Active Member

    I always end up bridling the giraffes, because of my height.... lol
    Oh and stuck leading the mad ones!! lol
  13. Horse girl

    Horse girl New Member

    how long does it take until you can go for your trackriding licence, i havent been riding track work for to long but am doing ok, my boss wants me to get my strappers licence tho this week, havent really done that tho.

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