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Discussion in 'Sticky Topics For Open Discussions' started by samm, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    poo, me at 10 on tues....

    kids just finished the strawb...going to try for a baileys this time...

    shame cause I also have just picked this years crop of broad beans.....yummo....

    will swap spare bucket for .... eggs!!
  2. intendeli

    intendeli Well-known Member

    oh my god- baileys icecream how absolutely bloody delicious!!! will certainly go for some of that some time :)

    will swapping to tuesdays again soon -- so hopefully will see ya soon . . . !!!!
  3. Ziggy the Piggy

    Ziggy the Piggy Active Member

    I hope this is okay.....I suppose you could eat them but I'd rather you did'nt!

    I have three lovely young budgies that I'll swap for some young hens or a bag of Mill mix? (vegetarian home only please...just joking.:D )
  4. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    awwwww pooooooorrrrrr Cruiser - how unmanly :(

    Mind you with that sooooo to-die-for forelock lol...he may get mistaken!
  5. haha shhhh lol..he loves pink :)

    haha jealous of the forelock much ? lol
  6. Arab Lover

    Arab Lover Well-known Member

    hi all
    I need 2 dozen eggs for xmas
    have 15 egg carton to swap for 2 dozen eggs please
    armadale .........any one close to the area would be good
  7. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    i have 3 4packs (12 small bottles) of jim beam that i confiscated off a minor LOL

    im happy to swap for any other alcohol, or im not sure, but something useful lol
  8. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    Someone say bourbon????? *#)

    What you drink LOL
  9. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    omg webby me toooo lol....will swap for Wipeout, Ballantynes Scotch, VB's, Vodka or Mescal
  10. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    oooh not sure if this makes a difference but its jim beam and cola, either way the smell still makes me nauseated lol

    ahhh i drink vodka and sambucca, or i have no idea of something non-alcoholic atm lol
  11. milzenzab

    milzenzab Active Member

    Can people please start using this thread again, As I find it very funny to read and it is great to come home from a stressful day and sit and laugh at what people say. I live in QLD. But I love hearing you guys in WA fight about who gets what and who has what!!!!!!.................
  12. Arab Lover

    Arab Lover Well-known Member

    does anyone use this barter thread :)

    I have 15 egg cartons and clean jars
    can someone swap some eggs please maybe 2 dozzen eggs please:)

  13. Ziggy the Piggy

    Ziggy the Piggy Active Member

    Ok!!! I had no takers on the Budgies, so how about some lovely, young 'brown Orpington ducks'. They are nearing full grown now, and are just lovely and healthy.

    I would love to swap 6 or 8 for same number of young laying hens. I dont mind what breed of chook....even bantams are okay, and I will consider one handsome large rooster also.

    I can offer an excellent home, and I would hope my ducks would get the same.....please, pets only....not eating!:eek:....They're just too cute!

    Please PM me if interested. I can help with transport.:)
  14. banjo

    banjo Well-known Member

    hello everyone....i have 500 bales of black stain (no mould) oaten hay small squares which would be great for sheep or cows or goats. my vet has checked it and there is no mould. will exchange for 7ft star pickets or some fencing (no ringlock) can talk any amount pm me

  15. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Awww, I would take the ducks and pay for them but I think Basil would eat them :eek:
  16. Ziggy the Piggy

    Ziggy the Piggy Active Member

    Gaia, Tell Basil, I said 'NO EATING THE DUCKS'....then no probs, you can have some! Anyway, I dont think Duck and Basil go together?*#)
  17. Westausgrl

    Westausgrl Well-known Member

    Will swap one slightly damaged Teenage boy (who is lazy, inconciderate, noisy & swears alot) for a side of Beef lmao

    Only Kidding!! Gotta Love Kids lol
  18. Ziggy the Piggy

    Ziggy the Piggy Active Member thanks, already got one of those.:)
  19. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo Well-known Member

    Oh, while we're trading teenagers... who wants my brother? He eats all the icecream (2 litres) and drinks all the Coke which his sister and mum buy for THEMSELVES and he listens to horrible death metal music really loud and... and... and... :p

    Any takers? I wont even want anything in return! You can have him! :p
  20. Jess&Sabby

    Jess&Sabby Well-known Member

    haha aww what a kind offer your not even asking for something in return haha

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