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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by milo, Apr 16, 2014.

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    have owned my clydie X since he was 2,he is now rising 5, and did show signs of stifle dysfunction that the vet said would grow out of. It has returned now I am asking more of him in lessons, I don't know whether to spell him and start again with another horse or what to do. I have been doing lots of walking and warming him up for at least 45 mins and then I do flatwork. His off side diagonal when travelling clock wise looks like he hobbles, and he continually throws me over to the other side, and then I double sit and this goes on and on. what else can I do? please any suggestions would be really appreciated. hope I have made it clear for you to understand.
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    Your horse needs to be re-assessed by a vet. He may need x-rays and scans done to see what is causing his stifle problem. Assuming it is a stifle issue.
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    Stifle problems

    Stifle problems often occur in young horse's when they are growing and are bum high. If your Vet has seen it and is not overly concerned that it is major problem, try getting your farrier to keep the toes shorter and do your trims more often to keep them short and that will help. Extra Magnesium in the diet is a help and doing trot poles will help strengthen the muscles and the horses often just grow out of these issues.
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    Thanks, have been doing most of the above and will continue doing :)

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