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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by kt, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. kt

    kt Active Member

    just wondering if any one has been to a steve brady clinic and whether they cater well for green, unbalanced 4 yr olds? also how much groundwork vs ridden work is involved? i know people probably can't make negative comments on here but just wanting to get an idea before i look into it further. Thanks guys.

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  2. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    I can recommend his clinics and with babies too.

    In the NT he visited our station and we generally only had babies - (one was 11) and the rest under 5.

    We did the morning on groundwork and the afternoon riding (2 day clinics)

    I really enjoyed his teaching style and it made huge improvements in the stattion horses (poor things generally get new often green riders every season.

  3. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    I have attended 3 Steve Brady clinics with my stallion & will be doing another in April.
    I take him for a 3 day clinic every six months.
    I have found them to be really helpful for me & my horse.
    They way he runs it in Dardanup & I expect everywhere is to split the group into 2. Green horses, green riders etc go in the first group & the people & horses that are a bit more advanced go in the second.
    Each morning he will take group one for about about 1.5 to 2 hours of which about 45mins is ground work & then some ridden. He repeats with group 2 but a little less ground work & more complex requests.
    At lunchtime he does a demonstration & then group 1 goes back for another 1.5 hours followed by group 2. The afternoon is all ridden.
    Thats the basic format & it works really well. The ground work is all in hand bridle work & I have found it to be really helpful.
    Each day there is a little less ground work, but you he does some every morning. Its a great way to get your horse listening to you before you get on.
    Steve is also always available to talk to & is a very nice approachable man. If someone is having major dramas with something then he may use that horse in a demo at lunchtime.
    One clinic he helped a young girl to teach her pony to bow.
    My horse was green & newly started the first time I took him. He still wasn't very balanced in his canter & just getting him to canter was a drama. Steve gives you plenty to work & continue on with, so its really progressive.
    Cheers, J

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  4. Sparrow

    Sparrow Guest

    Hi kt,

    I did a Steve Brady clinic last year at Dardanup too & enjoyed the whole experience of the three day school. It was different to what maybe I had expected, it is definately NOT riding lessons. What Steve does is to help YOU understand the basics of ''teaching your horse'' a training routine, that develops as you & your horse develop a better understanding & relationship.

    When I attended the school last year I had ony had my horse for 3x months after a 20 yr absence from riding ..... and it did me the world of good to get some new fresh ideas to help me get my horse to understand what it was I was asking him to do.

    Fortunately my horse is a lot cleverer than me & coped with all the unforgiving things I probably did with him in the early stages of our developing relationship ...... and has now come such a long way with the basic ''understanding'' that Steve Brady instilled in me, from his training School.

    One Steve Brady school is never enough .... this man is very good at articulating his ideas & concepts even to people who are not at, or will probably never be at, his level of horsemanship ..... like ME ..... *LOL* .....

    If you get the opportunity to go to a school he runs, deffinately take it ...... you will NOT be dissapointed .....

    The more people I get to meet, the more I like my horse .....
  5. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    And make sure you get him to show you his rope knotting abilities [​IMG]

  6. Sparrow

    Sparrow Guest

    Nope, get him to tell you his jokes .... they go on all night *LOL* ...

    The more people I get to meet, the more I like my horse .....
  7. NorWester

    NorWester Well-known Member

    Have to agree with all of the above.

    I primarly compete in Dressage and Hacking and i attended my first Steve Brady Clinic last year.

    The things that i have used from that clinic are endless and have helped me and my horse form such a great bond.

    I totally agree with the rope knotting abilities, but above all the jokes are the best, little crude at times but but all round he is a wonderful man.

    He is back up here in the north in August and i will defianltely book my spot.
  8. Stockie

    Stockie New Member

    Steve has held clinics at our indoor and everyone seemed to throughly enjoy the experience. There was horses of all different ages shapes and sizes. I did not attend as I have a trainer I am already extremely pleased with, but I have met him and his son several times and they are really nice people.


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  9. kt

    kt Active Member

    thanks for the info everyone - sounds like its a pretty good idea to go. If I could get hold of the organisers i'd be booking a place lol. Is it likely that it would already be booked out? Just haven't been able to contact them but i guess with easter its a bit hard. Anyway thanks for the comments. : )

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  10. Scarlet

    Scarlet Well-known Member

    Once you to Steve you will have a permanent place booked at every clinic. We have one in Albany in 2 weeks and we are taking 2 x 2yo and a 3yo. I have been doing clinics since his very first visit to WA and he is GOD!!!!!He doesn't teach you to ride as such but teaches you skills to understand and devleop with your horse and how to have a better partnership all round. He is an articulate and funny man who is amazingly generous with his knowledge and who is constantly evolving his teaching skills and the content of each clinic. Well respected by all styles of riding from dressage to campdrafting. If anyone ever has a chance to do a breaking in clinic, take it, we attended one years ago and have broken in many using his method and never have they bucked or shown any inclination to be anything but willing. Just remember to take lots of notes and definatly try his rope tricks!!!!!!
  11. kt

    kt Active Member

    just wanted to let ppl know that i went to the clinic over the weekend and it was really and my horse learned a lot (and mum as well just from watching) so now we have heaps to practice and hopefully i can sort out some of our problems and get her going a bit better, and get a better bond with her. She already improved a lot over the weekend with all the exercises.

    For those people that have been to lots of his clinics do you find that you just go over the same things every time or does it change each clinic. I would like to go to another one later but not if its going to be exactly the same.

    Thanks to everyone for telling me it was was definately worth while.

    ~~~~the love between man and his dog is nothing compared to that between girl and her horse~~~~
  12. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    HI kt,

    I just got back yesterday from my 4th Steve Brady clinic & once again had a great time & feel like I have progressed heaps with my horse.

    Some of the things that you learn he will go over in other clinics so yes you will repeat some stuff but each time I do a clinic I either get better at some exercises, but also learn new ones as well.

    I think once yoiu have attended a couple you will still want to keep going back, its all very progressive.

    Cheers, J

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