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    Hi Everyone,

    I want to take my mare out to do a few Ag shows and maybe a few ODE,'s I'm an adult so not sure what memberships we need in order to do unofficial shows. Do we need anything ( I am clueless)

    Thanks :)
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    No idea about Ag Shows, but for ODE's, it depends on whether you want to attend Pony Club ones (as an Open rider) or Equestrian Australia ones.

    For Pony Club ODEs:
    You have to get an annual membership.
    There are a couple of options for competitors, a $100 membership which gives you 24/7 insurance, or a $40 membership which only provides insurance at PC events.

    For EA ODEs
    You need EA "Competitor" membership as a rider. This also gives 24/7 insurance. $405 a year plus a $100 joining fee if you were not a member before
    EvA65, EvA80 classes (used to be called Intro 2 and Intro 1), your horse does not need to be EA registered or hold a competition card
    EvA95 (prelim) and above, your horse will require an EA registration ($150 one-off cost) and eventing competition card ($40 for the first year and $25/year to renew).
    Equestrian's New Membership Structure

    Hope that helped!
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  3. Premier

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    That's great :)

    I wouldn't thought you would need anything for unofficial at Ag shows but I could be wrong.

    So much to learn

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