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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by flossmetal, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. flossmetal

    flossmetal New Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm hoping to start my eventing career at Dardanup ODE in October with my TB.
    I think I have almost everything but need a few things cleared up. I've just read through the guidelines on the PCAWA page and it says Open Riders are meant to use white saddle blankets for XC and show jumping. I thought for XC you could go all out with colours? I was wanting to use royal blue....

    Also with joddies, I was going to wear white for dressage, my fawn/chocolate for XC and probably my whites again for jumping? Is that ok?

    In regards to shirts, obviously for XC you can use sweatshirts, but with the other 2 phases, would a shirt like Kimi Polo from Horseland in white be ok? I'm adding more detail to it to make it look like a stock. (Can't figure out how to attach photos).

    Any more help would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  2. gladebrook

    gladebrook New Member

    Open riders need white saddle blanket for all stages. Dressage and sj jacket shirt and stock/tie long sleeves for xc and cream beige or white jods for all stages :) will see you there!! :)
  3. flossmetal

    flossmetal New Member

    Thanks! I was flicking through photos on Red Foto and most open riders had coloured saddle blankets on the xc? Thought it was a bit confusing!
  4. gladebrook

    gladebrook New Member

    It's a new rule :) but the gear checker told us they will be enforcing it :) it's stupid, but oh well
  5. flossmetal

    flossmetal New Member

    Bugger :( was looking forward to being all coordinated with matching colours! I have a white Blue Chip saddle blanket with the logo on the side, are logos allowed?
  6. gladebrook

    gladebrook New Member

    Honestly no idea lol. Maybe xc, but doubt it for dressage. You could always ring/email the club and ask..
  7. magic_impact

    magic_impact Well-known Member

    The white for open riders certainly isn't a new rule for PC events but it is not always enforced...

    EA events you can go for your life with colours for XC, but PC are uptight!

    I had a look at that shirt. If you have it in white it would be ok but you'll definitely need an actual stock to go with it, even though it has the ratcatcher style collar.

    Other things to be aware of for PC events are no nail polish, no piercings (incl ears), no rings on your fingers and most gear checkers are particular about the stirrup iron measurements too. And beware of about a million kids zooming around on ponies and cutting you off in the warmup without even noticing. You also need to purchase insurance if you are not a PC member, but this is relatively cheap from memory and you can get it to cover a whole year as a once off.

    Can you tell I prefer EA events?
  8. flossmetal

    flossmetal New Member


    I've only competed out once at the Harvey Show and that was all Pony Club kids too!

    I got my $40 open riders membership yesterday so that's all set and bought a top and pre tied stock from England, so much cheaper!

    Are we allowed any logos on the saddle blankets?

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