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  1. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    hi all,
    i have a potential problem with a new (old) gelding. he's a scrambler. he's not bad but he can be a problem. walks onto the float fine etc. but the left corners mainly arn't good (he's got arthritis and is the heavy of my horses so gets the right bay when travelling together). the float has a wide base and he still scrambes whent he divider is out (in a double - don't ask me how).

    he is better by himself but that is not always an option. when brought them to my parents place they both wore boots (had to move together (long story), but the old gelding shredded the back boots (they were removed half way home) and shredded outside hock (bad) and cut other legs and somehow his head (haven't figured out how yet as i have a full window at float front and they are visible at all times).

    back to the problem - has any one gor any other ideas i can try???
    hopefully he won't need to be floated for a couple of months unless one of them gets hurt (touch wood it doesn't) cause they are staying at my parents place for three months while i'm up north. (and my parents are farmers, so are capable but they don't really have a clue about horses)

    ps. please check screws etc that they are embedded in the wood not offset. my gelding sliced his hock on an outset screw a good foot higher than his hock - cause my other mare is fine to float i just assumed it was too high to do anything to them. i was very wrong hence the protecting boards are now being removed and reset.

    :) Nikiwink :)
  2. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member

    Gees Nikiwink..... what a drama.

    I floated a friends horse one day... put him in the RHS of my 10 month old float and he proceeded to throw himself about every time I turned left. You should have seen him when we stopped. He had cuts and scratched in places unheard of!!

    When I had to go home I felt sick at the thought of putting this poor horse thru it all again. I put him on the LHS and no problem!! Didn't move a muscle!! Maybe try that!!
  3. bjl

    bjl New Member

    Niki , I used to float a friends horse around with mine quite a bit, and he would sometimes loose it in the float, (Denny you would remember dear Penfold), he was worse on one side of the float than the other. We discovered that he travelled better in a float with rigid bum bars, where my float has chains and the divider could swing, offering the horse no support when turning. May be fitting fixed bum bars he could feel more secure.

  4. C HORSE

    C HORSE Well-known Member

    My old horse horse started to scramble for no reason on the way home from a show and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever delt with.We stopped at the vet on the way home and had him sedated so he would settle and he cut three of his legs and put a big dent in the front of my brand new float (it was his second time in it!!)
    We had a play around with him and tried different things and the best thing that worked for him was that we had the divider fixed to the other side of the float so the divider was then on an angle and my boyfriend made up a plate for the rump gates so that they would conect together so they didnt swing in on the horse.Another thing that I tried was putting shade cloth over the window. I know this probly wont help your horse as you still want to travel two together,but I only had one but you may be able to give it a shot as it helped my horse and he was happy to travel after we had a play around to see what he was happy with.He loved going to shows, as to him it was really a big picnic day tied to the float eating hay for most of the day....
  5. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    check the matting in you'r float. is the horse shod?
    There is this matting that looks fabulous that lots of floats are having installed, that is ment to be anit slip, but if the horse has shoes on and doesnt travel that well, they seem to skid all over the place. The best matting i find, is the one that is really rough, looks awlful asthetically, is thick, and almost softish and the horses seems to travel a lot better.

    when you stand in a float yourself when it is moving (or bus, train), you'll find that you wont stand directly facing the front if you dont have to, its usually about 45-90 to the side. This seems to be the best natural position to keep ballance on a moving vehical. Horses are proving to be the same, such as when they are trucked, they dont seem to have nearly as many problems keeping their ballance as floating has.
    Angular floats are good too, but brand new can be expensive, but you are paying for quality for the horse not fancy looks. if you win lotto any time soon, this might be an alternative approach [​IMG]

  6. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    My anglo arab mare is a scrambler...all i can do is when she is on her own is open up both bays, or with another horse she always gets the drivers side....and when we go round corners just take them that extra wider and slower...doesn't completly stop her but does reduce the scrambling alot...

    One thing though, she has never hurt herself or another horse when she does it....not even a tiny scratch...touchwood (naturally of course she is well booted)

    Also we never have had a problem getting her on or off, she walks straight on herself, she has had this problem since we have had her...

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