Specky pics of naughty ponies

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Marz, May 25, 2011.

  1. KKKiroo

    KKKiroo Well-known Member

    I had a good Friday laugh at these photos :) :) :)

    As for the stream of "opinions" that followed...not so funny! Some people need to get a life. If you have a 'concern' why dont you just PM the person.

    Oh and to add...I have a cheeky brat of a horse that actually squeals at me when he doesn't get his own way...
  2. Raw Prawn

    Raw Prawn Well-known Member

    All I can say is....you guys are brave! The naughtiest thing my pony does is rush a bit - not very exciting :))
  3. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    Back when I wrote I wouldnt bother with such a horse-

    1. That is my PERSONAL OPINION and I am entitled to such a thing

    2. I am experienced enough to know when a horse is not happy being ridden-which this one wasnt- which was vividly clear from -yes- a 'few minute video'.

    3. Anyone else is welcome to spend their time and money and potentially sort the horse out if they REALLY think they can. I just think I'd rather have another horse if that were me.

    And I completely agree that only novices/people that misunderstand why some horses behave like this (under saddle of course) would be the ones to poke fun OR proudly post pics/vids about such a thing?!! #(

    And yes I do know the difference between pain, naughtiness, testing, confusion, and high spirits. :}
  4. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Still wasn't a nice thing to say sounded very judgemental re novices.

    Would be like someone saying they wouldn't bother with your horse because its a highstrung Arab (see a generalisation going on your avatar), you don't know the history of the horse, you have never ridden it, you don't know how it is performing in the ring or otherwise.

    And the owner and leasee can boast all the things you know in your last paragraph

    We don't know if you would be capable of riding that horse - but that is making assumptions isn't it #(
  5. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member


    no of course I wouldnt be able to ride that horse.

    Im too busy riding better ones!:D
  6. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Yep I bet your claim to fame is your comments on this thread ! ;)
  7. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

  8. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Look forward to photos of you riding your horses and show results then ! :}

    Shame your thread got ruined Marz :)
  9. info on archie

    info on archie Well-known Member

    Just downright rude #(#(#(
  10. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    Time to let this one float into oblivion, as a wise man once said;

    "Never argue with a fool, on lookers may not be able to tell the difference"

    happy foruming everyone @)
  11. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    Not everyone is in a position to buy a 'better' horse....and one mans trash, is another mans treasure **)

    Horses all bring different things to different peoples lives. Some people have really clear goals and ambitions in competion and training, others are along for the ride and finding their feet as they go.**)

    I can understand people saying that certain horses arent for them and that they would personally choose another or wouldnt spend time and money on them....thats fine. Hell there are hundreds out there to choose from, its horses for courses really!

    Im not sure the 'my horse is better than yours' type comments are needed though.
    You can bet your bottom dollar there will ALWAYS be someone else's whose horse is better than yours ;):}
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2011
  12. Mod 5

    Mod 5 Moderator

    Ok everyone - thats enough
    Can we just leave this thread as it was first intentioned.
    Otherwise I will have to close the thread ;)
  13. Remaani

    Remaani Guest


    My gelding - def not sore, def not in pain - def norty but! :p
    Doesn't do this at home, doesn't do this in the warm up area - does do this in the ring.
    Feel free to pick to pieces, i don't care - i still love him! ;)

    Can't say he was annoyed with 2nd, was a big class for Best WA Bred LOL!



    Poor boy, stabled night before a show (never any other time), 1.5 or more hours on the float - not enough warm up/let loose time!
    Not making excuses for him, he's a bloody turd!

    Back here biatch!




    Am i glad i gelded him? YES!
    But he still oozes personality! LOL!!!
  14. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    I agree with everything Princeton said.

    Remaani what a cheeky fella!! Cute photos :D
  15. PetaBizz

    PetaBizz Well-known Member

    Only one thing to say about your photos Remanni and that is 'GOLD' in more ways than one!!! Love it!!*#)
  16. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Hmmm yes! LOL!! :p
  17. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    seriously, it must be a "yellow pony" thing! great pics!
  18. Eventer4Ever

    Eventer4Ever Well-known Member

    Here sharky sharky sharkies...

    The Mocha-chocks, during his 'moments' in which he forgets he is an educated dressage horse and believes he can fly.. or something similar anyway...


    One moment..

    And then about 5 seconds after..

    I have some good ones of my little mare as well but I'll post them tonight.

    No horses were harmed in any way during the making of this post. All animals are cared for as best they can be and sometimes, yes, they still believe that it's not enough and decide to have tantrums. Just like little kids.
    If you don't believe me, you're welcome to come and look at the feral beast and do a full vet check of him. No pain whatsoever.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2011
  19. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    E4E - you forgot the "don't try this at home" stuff !!!!!!
  20. Eventer4Ever

    Eventer4Ever Well-known Member

    Ah yes, of course Brew!

    Ladies, Gents and Other, do not try any of the moves that you have seen above, at home. They are extremely dangerous, especially when your beast doesn't want to play nice..

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