Specky pics of naughty ponies

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Marz, May 25, 2011.

  1. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    anyone willing to put up those pics that were taken just as things were going wrong...?

    here's one;
    [​IMG] (stayed on)
    [​IMG] (fell off)
    [​IMG] (pretty sure gravity got the best of me here)
    [​IMG] (stayed on, chyeah :) )
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  2. Roskyle Mr GingerbreadMan

    Roskyle Mr GingerbreadMan Well-known Member

    you have some good ones there! :p

    only one photo comes to mind for me:
    yes, i landed on my feet :D
  3. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    haha love it
    "is it hugs time mum?"
    I always feel so accomplished when I land on my feet :)
  4. sollywolly

    sollywolly Well-known Member

    We have quite a few of the Solly monster :eek:
    He is with my daughter in all of these, and she managed to stay on in all of these...... she sticks well....
    Will try too just choose a few....




    Don't know what he is doing with his legs here!?
  5. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    hahahaha, niiiice. he obviously believes he has the right to place his legs wherever he damn well wants to!
  6. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    ROFLMAO! What a good thread!

    Had a giggle already! Keep them coming! :p
  7. sollywolly

    sollywolly Well-known Member

    hahaha! Yes that is very true!!
  8. sollywolly

    sollywolly Well-known Member

    What was that?? You wanted more?? Like I said we have lots of these :eek:

    oh and this stick wasnt used in place of a whip.. it was part of some simple games training at pony club.. sort of like a relay race..
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  9. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    hahahhha, the second last one made me laugh so hard. the expression on his face!!!!
  10. tazzie13

    tazzie13 Active Member

    hey sollywolly whats your horses breeding he has the same brand as my boy and does the same thing lol
  11. Cassy Horse

    Cassy Horse Well-known Member

    Haha Solly looks like a naughty boy, gave me a good laugh first thing in the morning :D
  12. sollywolly

    sollywolly Well-known Member

    Well he has Metal Storm in him and apparently they are a bit nuts *#)
    He is by Right Wing and out of Storm Twister (who is by Metal Storm)

    He can be a very naughty boy sometimes but he does make us laugh. :rolleyes:
  13. LNT

    LNT Well-known Member

    i love the smile on your daughters face when he's mucking about.........its almost like she's expecting it and is like "oh yeah been there done that, wot else you got lol " :}
  14. farfromhome

    farfromhome Well-known Member


    Arse up pony.. ive never seen it !! i think Marz captured this for me haha *#)
  15. Born to Ride

    Born to Ride Well-known Member

    Great photos everyone! :D

    I've had plenty of moments but absolutely none caught on camera!
  16. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    haha yup, modelling shot there ;)
  17. farfromhome

    farfromhome Well-known Member

    capturing her best side :p
  18. kated

    kated Active Member

    Well me and johnno have had some 'moments' but none we've been able to capture on camera for evidence!

    Only evidence I've had is in my test at Wally on the weekend that stated he was 'disobedient' haha

    But marz or FFH if we can get our hands on that pic from JG of Clem and omi in dressage at Wally doing his acro act as she put it haha would be quite funny!
  19. sollywolly

    sollywolly Well-known Member

    yea LNT it a bit like bring it on, she really thinks it quite funny, he is slowly growing out of it,
  20. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Solly, he seems 'interesting', hehe ;)
    Your daughter has a good seat, good legs and heels, so not surprising she stays on **) Love how she's smiling in some of them, lol.

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